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Which container for a blood test?

Hey guys, so I'm trying to order a private blood test from blue horizon for the intrinsic factor and I'm a little confused. It may sound like the silliest question but seeing as I'm about to fork out £129 I think i will take the risk and look stupid 🙄

There are 4 options and I'm not sure which 1 to pick:


Vacutainer self arrange

Professional collection

Other sample type.

All comments welcome :)

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Hi Raven321. Not stupid at all...I've had a look at the site and it is a bit confusing isn't it. I had to use the drop down menus to find out more information about each method. Here's what I found out:

Microtainer: finger prick blood sample. But - says not available for all tests - check with them first - so I'd give them a call to check availability if you want to use this method. They will send you all the equipment if this method is available for this test.

Vacutainer Self Arrange: You have to self-arrange for somebody to draw your blood (nurse, doctor, phlebotomist etc). They will send you the syringes, needles and containers for the blood samples, together with an envelope for return of the blood samples.

Professional Collection: You go along to a BMI hospital of your choice (probably need to check BMI participants) and they take your blood for you. You PAY an EXTRA £35 on top of the £129 if you use this method. Blue Horizon will send you the referral form for the blood test, to take to the hospital, and the envelopes to the return the blood samples.

Other sample type: Who knows! Urine maybe? Or sputum? But not for this test 😣😣🙃🙃

Hope this helps.

Good luck 😀


Awe thank you so much foggyme. I really appreciate it :)


Hi Raven,

Best give us a call, I think I.F. is quite thirsty. Therefore Microtainer may not be possible.

0800 999 1110

Paul Harris


Blue Horizon Medicals

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Thank you, can you please tell me the time you are open until?

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Blue Horizon Medicals are open until 9pm Monday to Friday Raven321 but I'll get an answer for you today on this.

Best wishes


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Raven321 - It might work with a full microtainer but the lab recommendations are to use a Vacutainer. Hope this helps,

Paul. :-)


I chose the professional collection. Arrived with needle and container. I phoned my local hospital phlebotomy dept and they said they'd draw the blood for me as long as I took along the paperwork ( included in the kit) They didn't charge and I was out in a couple of minutes.

I was worried that just a few drops from a fingertip might clot.


Thanks hollyberry

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