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Iron raised

Unsure if my raised iron is linked to my B12 defiency hopefully someone could advise. I have been on maintenance injections since April having 3 in total. Went to docs on Monday to push for loading doses and folate (was successful! ) he wanted to do full bloods again and got a call today that my iron is raised and to getredone in 4 months. Levels areFerritin 273 range 13-150

Serum iron 30.5 range10-30

Iron saturation level 44.2% range 30-40%

Any advice greatly appreciated

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Have you been taking any supplements which contain iron? Even just a little bit? Do you eat a lot of liver?


No I'm not taking any supplements and hate liver! Iron was within range in January


The table at the bottom of this page :

suggests several reasons for your pattern of results, one of which is B12 deficiency.

If that is the sole cause of your unexpected iron results then treating it (the B12 deficiency) successfully may reduce the numbers.

But note that having more than one kind of anaemia is perfectly possible. So, for example, someone with iron deficiency anaemia could have low ferritin. Someone with anaemia of chronic disease could have high ferritin. Put the two together in the same body and you could get a ferritin result which was apparently normal.


Many thanks humanbean. I thought I had read somewhere that b12 deficiency could cause this but was unsure. I have read so much over the past 18 months. Thank you again


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