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Rheumatoid arthritis

Good morning.

I am looking for some advice on my son who has rheumatoid arthritis. He Is currently on a cocktail of medication including methotrexate. I persuaded him to get his b12 levels checked, they came back at 299 I believe between 200 to 990 ? My questions are, would he benifit from injections? He has all the symptoms of deficiency, although rheumatoid arthritis has also the same symptons ? Would injection also be beneficial to help future nerve and joint repair? Think what I am trying to ask would it be beneficial for him to injectin anyway? Thanking you all in advance. He is Already taking folic acid.

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methotrexate is known to lower folate levels - do you know what his folate levels were - or is he being given supplements anyway?

folate is needed to process B12 and generally to use it so if his folate levels are low that is going to compound things.

We had a recent post about methyl B12 that included information that in the past B12 has actually been classified as an analgesic in some countries - though it didn't provide any links to allow you to see which and if it is still being used.

This link might be worth pursing


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