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No clinical evidence for 3 Monthly maintenance

Thought people might be interested in this blog by Tracey Witty

She asked the agencies that promulgate the idea that 3 months is adequate in the UK to provide the clinical evidence and the replies, quoted at the end of the blog - basically just sent her round in circles with no actual evidence at the end of it all


reminder about the petition asking the DoH to make hydroxo injections available over teh counter, for any new UK members

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Hi Gambit62,

I got that earlier today and expect that everyone her signed / shared her petition received the same.

We have to just keep plugging away as much as wee can.

Thanks for posting and keeping us all in the loop.

J 🍀


Just signed :)


there was no where to sign this


hi bluepettals2 - just wondering if you were looking at the second link rather than the first. although if like me you have already signed it then there signature are doesn't come up - just the option to share so may be you had already signed.


ohi might have doneit then I haveshared it.

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I've shared this on my Facebook page.

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I saw this earlier and came here to check whether someone had posted it on the forum. Thanks for doing so.

I will forward Tracey's blog post to my MP, and I hope other forum members will contact theirs.


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