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B12 supplementation for children


does anyone know or recommend a good B12 sublingual methylcobalamin lozenge or similar that could be used for children ages 9+? Or a multivitamin that has a decent dose of B12 included in the methyl state?

After reading the book 'Could it be B12' by Sally Pacholok, I am convinced that a friends children may benefit from testing and supplementing.

Thanks in advance

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I would make sure that the testing is done first before any supplementation and try to find a good paediatrician who knows about B12 to ensure the correct treatment.

I would be worried about making any assumptions that it was B12 without medical support when dealing with someone that young. Know that really isn't what you want to hear.

Would suggest that you join the PAS if you are not a member already and contact them, particularly given that members of this forum are not medically qualified and even if we were a forum like this would not be the place to start diagnosing anything.

Please see this recent blog by the chair of the PAS on helping patients with diagnosis etc.


There could be many things that might be causing the symptoms you are observing and focusing on B12 could result in those being overlooked - which would be just as bad as overlooking B12 in search of other possible solutions.


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