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New to all this

Hi all, I'm a 43 yr old woman.

I asked for a blood test last week because of fatigue and it came back with a B12 level of 138nmol/L. Mcv of 106.3. GP left a voice mail but the surgery was closed by the time I phoned back.

I was diagnosed with bipolar about 10 years ago, and have always had really poor memory. I have vitiligo. In recent years I've been drinking too much.

When I logged into patient access, I found out he has arranged a telephone app for tomorrow, and has added options for a nurse practitioner appointment and a quarterly alcohol review.

Feels like I have hit the jackpot in terms of a GP who knows what he is talking about, but I don't want him to link this all to alcohol.

Could a B12 deficiency have been the cause of bipolar and memory issues from years ago, before I drank heavily?

BTW, I had already given up drink 6 weeks ago.

Thanks in advance

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I also have bipolar you might find joining bipolar UK forum will give you support with your mental health, self meditating with drugs or alcohol will in the long run not help you , so well done for not drinking for the last 6 weeks. Please be honest with your situation it will help you and GPs to give you the help and support you need. All the best.


There are many issues linked to LOW B12 - have a look at the link below - scroll down to read the neurological and neuro-psychiatric ones ....

Alcohol lowers the ability to metabolise B12 molecules in the stomach.

I am certain things will soon be on the up for you with the correct treatment :-)


Hi Cwalshox4 I'm not medically qualified but hopefully your doctor will give you a course of B12 injections to boost your low level. Can you check what your folate level is as this is needed to process the B12?

I wish you well for the future.


Wow, thanks for quick replies. Folate level is 8.7 (4.6 to 14.6 quoted as normal?)


First - congratulations on being dry for 6 weeks - hope it continues and you are getting plenty of support

bipolar is one possible misdiagnosis for a B12 deficiency - I had 40+ years of anxiety and depression - looked like it might have been bipolar at one point but didnt' respond to meds so ... the answer has to be a yes to could B12 be involved. My depression and anxiety resolved completely when I got the B12 that I needed.

It can take years and even decades for a B12 absorption problem to develop into a full blown deficiency. Problems with the liver (because the liver is where B12 is stored - normally in good quantities) can exacerbate and lead to deficiency.

please go through the list of symptoms that Marz linked and tick everything that applies - and the points in time where they came into play. If you have neurological symptoms there is a different treatment regime from a deficiency without but your GP may not be aware

see p8


10 injections over 5 weeks, starting Tuesday


How do you feel 2 months later? Thank you in advance! I've had severe anxiety for 25 years and out of control- I can;t sit down anxiety for about a year. Do you feel any better after 2 months or any worse or the same? Hope you are doing very well. Thank you.


Hi Caro44,

Feeling good energy wise. Numbness has gone. In terms of anxiety and mental health, I was already on an even keel, so no change.

I hope B12 will help with your anxiety


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