FYI- just joined the PAS! What a weath of information! I have read alot on line, but it is great to find so much organized info and data in ONE place! The information for health professionals was great! My neurologist and internist will be handed a HIGHLIGHTED copies when I return for office visits!! They act as if I am asking for narcotics when I plead for more injections! I liked the FB page as well!!!! I emailed the St. Louis support group! For the first time since my symptoms started, I have real hope! THANK YOU PAS - from the rural Missouri MO Ozarks!

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  • xyz011 Thanks to you!

    It's so nice to read such positive comments.

    I wish you well for the future.

  • Clivelive, I got thinking that prehaps liver shakes might end up on my menu if more injections don't after reading your comment about them (some post). :)

  • Welcome to our family ! Surprised that you don't have something similar in USA! Such a huge country with fantastic resources !

  • Our health system in USA is designed to serve insurance companies and institutions. It is crazy that a nerologist knowing I have PA orders and MRI for my brain fog (low score on memory test) rather than more injections! Ruling out the cheap and safe option first was discounted. She would rather fish to find a tumor or evidence of a mini stroke. As my father used to say, "We shall see!" MRI scheduled in early October!

  • Yes, unfortunately this is true. Unless you belong to an HMO as I do & then they don't want to run any tests! To save money, since it is an insurance company and a health care system rolled into one.

  • Hi,

    Hope you get the support and treatment you need now you have the info.

    good luck

  • That's wonderful news, xyz011! :-)

    I hope you now will get the help you so seriously need.

    Keep us posted as to what happens! Would love to hear how it goes for you! xx

  • Will do!

  • @xyz011 I found this site and posted, advised to get bloods done, if it wasn't for the help of PSA I would still be laying on settee fading away. I have joined and donated to PSA as a thank you to saving my life.

    Everyone should support this site so other people can be help and save other people from suffering alone.

    So come come folks get supporting if you haven't every pound counts.

  • Have you seen the film about Sally Pacholok , the marvellous American nurse who wrote the book "Could it be B12?" It illustrates perfectly what you write about the American Health System. In fact you can watch it this weekend if you find the link that a member of PAS put out yesterday . Best wishes to you .

  • I will put this film om my too watch list! Thanks!

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