PAS Conference 2016

Anybody else planning on being in Birmingham on 10th Dec 2016 for the PAS Conference?


Unfortunately it's too far for me to get there and back in a day, so it looks like it's an overnighter, probably for two nights. But the Burlington is just a little expensive for a poor retired chemist, so I think I'll be hunting out something cheaper nearer the time.

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  • If it is any where near as good as the B12d conference in Loughborough the other day it will be well worth going to!

    I found the drive from Suffolk was so much easier on a Saturday than it is in the week that I will probably do it in a day - provided it isn't snowing or something daft at that time of year - despite the fact it will be dark.

    See you there...

  • Hi Deniseinmilden. I'll be dodging along would be lovely to meet you.

    Is there a convention for people recognising each other at these things?

    Will you be pulling a bull on a string and shall I bring a bucket of Fog?

  • Ha ha ha! Lol!

    I was just wondering something like that as I opened your post! Perfect! X

  • Hi Fbirder. Yes, I'll be going. Plan to get the train in from Tamworth that morning (I live a thirty minute drive from Tamworth).

    If you want to keep costs down, and avoid driving in the centre of Birmingham, there's a Travelodge five minutes walk from Tamworth station (it's new and not in a noisy area). The train station also has a large car park if walking isn't an option. The train to Birmingham takes between 20 - 30 minutes (depending which train you get) and the walk to the Burlington takes about 5 minutes (at a slow walk). There are good options for trains back to Tamworth up to (if I remember rightly) about 10.30pm.

    Had a look on the website and rooms are currently listed at:

    £26 - £29 for Friday

    £33 - £50 for Saturday

    £59 -£83 for Friday and Saturday

    Costs depend of what option you elect (cancellation option or non-refundable) and whether you want Wifi.

    Details, in case you want them: Tamworth Central Travelodge, Bolebridge Street, Tamworth, B79 7AG.

    I do so hope to meet you. Please can you let me know how I'll recognise a self-professed cantankerous old git!

    Take care 😀

    P.s. Train ticket Tam - BHX approx £7.50.

  • Thanks, but I'll be looking for something Travelodgeish in Brum. I'll be getting the trains up from Brighton. I'm hoping to get First Class for just £16 more than a basic return by booking as soon as they're on sale.

  • Good plan. And in style too 😀.

    You never know, Info might come in useful for others.

  • Yes, indeed.

  • Would love to go, but Birmingham is much further from home than I can manage.

  • So sorry Hillwoman. Isn't it terrible how much life this nasty thing steals from us.

    If I have brain enough to take notes on the day, I'll find a way of getting these to you.

    Assuming I make it!

    Take care x

  • Bless you, that's so kind. :-) I would love to read any notes you can take. But of course, if your brain fails on the day, I will quite understand. Been there, done that, etc. So much passes me by in the fog.

    You take care too. xx

  • No problem...won't forget (I've written it down!).


  • I will go my ancient bones can manage it. Birmingham is not too far for me. I will buy you a coffee, or something stronger if available, in return for all the good advice I have had from you. Where do we get the tickets.

  • Tickets available from the 1st week in July. Details to follow on the web site.

  • Had an email from PAS saying that tickets are available from Today.

    Members get discounted attendance.

  • I would definitely like to go to that. If I start saving now I might just have the hotel paid for by then! Sounds interesting.

  • Hi Frank, it might be worth you doing monthly posting of this and any relevant info to keep us all updated.

    Is it a fixed ticket entry for the conference?

  • I have just reserved a room at the Premier Inn, New Street - £67 and can cancel up to Dec 9th - I can't get there by 9am, can't get anywhere by 9am. Iam a night owl. But hotels seem to be booking up fast in central Birmingham for those dates.

  • You have a good deal on that. Ive just looked for two nights and its£171

  • Yes, I was going to book for the Saturday night as well, but the extra hundred-and-something quid put me off. So I'll be going home straight afterwards. If all goes well I should be back by bedtime.

    With a bit of luck the Burlington will have a special deal for conference attendees that may be cheaper than the Premier Inn. Until we find out - I've booked the Friday night in the PI.

  • Just saw this post.

    So, the tickets are available on the website: pernicious-anaemia-society....

    There's a list of speakers on it, and it's (IMHO) very impressive :)

    There are 2 tickets: for members and for non-members

    Tickets include:

    A Conference Pack on the day

    Tea and Coffee throughout the day

    Seated Lunch

    Access to the Exhibition Area

    Hope to see you there :)

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