Disaster at PAS office

Someone told me that the PAS office was flooded yesterday.


Martyn Hooper has so much to deal with.

Also interesting item about a new science blog about PA.


And an update about the PAS conference in December.


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  • Oh that's sad Sleepybunny - hope they've got insurance.

  • Hi Sleepybunny. Thanks for the news and updates.

    Terrible news about the PAS offices 😖

    Good news about the PAS conference being filmed. Hurrah. Exposure 😀.

    And fantastic news about the science blog. Never thought I could ever get excited about Science. I'm almost leaping for joy 😀


  • Can I suggest that any HU members with a conference ticket that find themselves unexpectedly unable to go post a message on here offering to pass their place on to a ticketless person.

  • Hi fbirder

    I have bought a ticket for the Birmingham conference which I am unable to use due to my partners operation.

    I have sent an email to pas but had no reply (floods maybe ?) so I have no knowledge of whether they have resold the ticket but if you have contact with any of them it may be worth an ask.

  • Thanks for all that info. Sleepbunny.x

  • Thank you for letting everyone know.

  • So unjust


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