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Hi all hope someone can say yes or no to this. I was thinking of joining pas for health help sheets info etc, ive just been turned down on my renewal for P.I.P so really short on cash flow does anyone know if there is help sheets that may help with the dwp asking for reconsideration or would I be best waiting until cash flow is better. Many thanks for reading,and happy new year

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Hi Shortytic. So sorry for your problems with the PIP...bit of a disgrace isn't it.

I've just checked and there isn't anything on the PAS website that will help you directly with claims or appeals for PIP.

Whilst there is information about PA and B12 deficency, you can get the most relevant items without being a member (these are open to all) and also check out the pinned posts to the right of this page when you log on.

There will be advice and guidance on the DWP website but it might also be an good idea to visit the citizens advice bureau for further advice.

If you check out the Internet, there may be other support organisations or bodies that help with appeals - sorry, don't have time to check right now.

Disgraceful 😖.

Hope it all works out for you 👍


Thanks for replying Foggyme ok will join whencash flow bit better (fingers xd mr goes my way) total disgrace and not just meaning myself many others are suffering stress etc with just the thought of it

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So sorry you've been refused PIP. Refusal seems automatic at the first attempt. To appeal you will need help, because the system is now designed to fail as many applicants as possible. As Foggyme has suggested, contact CAB and make an appointment as soon as you can (they get booked up). If you are housebound, they may be able to send someone out to your home, though that will depend on where you live.

If you can afford £20 at some stage, you can get a lot of advice and help by subscribing to These people really know their onions.


Thanks for the tip hillwoman will check it out


hi shotytlc, I advise u go straight to benfitsandwork web site. They offer step by advise on form filling, appeals, tribunal etc. U will find everything you need their and he can contact advisor directly if necessary.

good luck 🍀


best advice from benefits & works


If you appeal I'm sure you will get some money and it will probably take some time for the hearing. It gives you time to gather as much information as possible to fight your corner. As said on here most PIP are turned down automatically these days but you must appeal, genuine claimers often don't appeal and miss out.


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