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Ups and downs after starting b12 course?

My b12 course started in July this month..vaguely 2 months ago...though I have had some improvement but it's like sometimes I feel like I am getting better den for few days i again feel down...I mean why is this so ?

Started having the symptoms after antibiotics course in December 2014...hence was diagnosed with low b12 after almost 1.5 year....

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Hi Ashishk it is not uncommon for symptoms to appear to get worse before they get better once the B12 gets down to repairing the damage done to your nervous system caused by the deficiency.

So don't stress too much as this just uses up the B12 - things will improve in time.

Do you know what your Folate level is? This needs to be good as it is essential to process the B12 you are being injected with.

I wish you well.


My folate level is within normal range. And yes I don't stress my self at all. But it was just a question in my head.


Hi Ashishk,

I remember you from a month or two ago. Glad you are feeling better from the b12! :-)

How often are you getting injections?

A lot of people who write in to this forum, myself included, need B12 more often than doctors are willing to give. Many people find their symptoms returning before it's time for the next injection.

You could ask your doctor to give you the injections closer together or you could try supplementing with sublingual b12 lozenges. There is also a nasal spray and patches that work well for some people.

I use Superior Source brand, called "no shot" methylcobalamin b12, 10,000 mcgs. They also have doses of 5000 &1000 mcgs. Many people use the 5000 mcgs. I use the higher dose just so I don't have to take as many. Remember, you can't overdose on B12.

You can get them on Amazon or Swansons vitamins online.

There are other places to get them too; read the first post from this batch of posts- from the last day or two-as it discusses sublinguals, where and what kind to buy.

Good to hear from you and I wish you luck in getting the B12 you need! :-)

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