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Passing out

Last night I went to a standing concert, first one I've been to... I drank a little, then halfway through the gig I started feeling kinda sick then everything went really really blurry and then for about 7 minutes I was standing and everything was black I couldn't see a thing, this wasn't to do with the gig it was just me I barely saw outlines then yeah... Couldn't see the lights, the person next to me I couldn't see a thing, I think my hearing went for a while as well but I can't really remember... Then I felt really dizzy I started swaying, this whole time I still couldn't see anything so I had to go out and I was shaking like crazy and my hands were completely numb... I don't know what this is or if it's linked to my anaemia I really don't know. There was heavy strobe lights which also could he the cause.. But I mean I haven't been eating or sleeping properly for about a year and it was super hot I might just have over heated

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sight is the first sense to go when you start to pass out/loose consciousness.

It could be that the place was hot, crowded and the oxygen levels were low - fainting at concerts certainly isn't a new phenomenon.

I'd suggest that you talk to your GP if you are concerned. If it happens again you should definitely consult GP


Might be a migraine caused by the strobe lighting. I can't go to anything with strobe or laser light effects. Just makes me feel really unwell. Did you get a bad headache afterwards?


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