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Anybody Managed to Heal Duodenal Ulcer Without Recourse to PPI's or H2 Antagonists?


Hello again all - sorry, but the posts are flying in today!

Just wondering if anybody has managed to heal duodenal ulcers by using Symprove, Bio-Kult, Saukeraut etc? I know that these are highly recommended for gastric issues but can't recall if I've seen anything to say that their use has been effective for actually healing ulcers?

I have a gastrology appointment on Monday and no doubt he'll be wanting to get me back on PPI's or H2 antagonists, so would be interested to hear of any successful alternatives.

Oh...and I also have low stomach acid (thank you for the lime juic tip fbirder), so another reason for trying to avoid 'the remedies'. Ha ha! 😱😱

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I got rid of my gastritis by using zinc carnosine, a complete miracle after 3 years of battles.

In Japan doctors prescribe zinc carnosine as the first line ulcer treatment. NO PPIs!!!

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to Ruthi

Ruthi...brilliant information. Thank you so much. Certainly don't want any more PPI's so will definitely research this and give it a try.

Thanks again xx

I found this study on zinc carnosine which supports what Ruthi says about it. :)

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to ndodge lovely to have someone do my research for me. More brilliant information.

Guess what I'm going to be buying in two seconds flat.... 😉😉

ndodge in reply to Foggyme

We are all of us in this together! That's why I love this forum as all the members are kind, compassionate, intelligent, informed and are always willing to help. Hip Hip Hooray for PA health unlocked! :)

I bought a book that I thought would be a general book about gastritis, but it was all about that and nothing else.

Ulcer Free!: Nature's Safe and Effective Alternatives

Halpern, Georges M.

The gist of the book was, 'Use Zinc Carnosine' Two months and I was sorted.

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to Ruthi

Thanks again Ruthi. Will give it a whirl...the thought of being sorted in two months flat fills me with sheer joy!

Keep well x


The idea behind treating duodenal ulcers with PPIs etc is to reduce stomach acidity to give the ulcer a better chance of healing - if you have low stomach acidity anyway then that would seem unnecessary ... and the question then becomes what is the cause - h.pylori and overuse of NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflamatory drugs such as asprin, ibuprofen and a whole raft of variations on a theme ...). If you also have B12 absorption problems then h pylori sounds like a prime candidate

the usual treatment for h pylori is a three week cause of antibiotics to kill of the bacteria ... amoxicillin can interfere with how the body uses B12 and B12 itself can interfere with how effective the amoxicillin is ... not sure about other antibiotics commonly used but would be good to get your GP to really research which would be the right one for you.

on the other hand if the h. pylori infection is causing the B12 deficiency then it would make sense to tackle that and get it out of the way. It may not be the only thing affecting B12 absorption but at least you might be able to rule it out.

Really hope that you can work with your GP on this

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to Gambit62

Thanks Gambit.

I did have heliobactor pylori last June and it took two triple dose courses of different antibiotics to get rid of it. But it's gone now! Hurrah.

However, still have gastritis and duodenitis...and the ulcers have appeared post h. Pylori infection (as per 2 X endoscopies). So not sure what's going on there.

Have an appointment with gastrologist on Monday so I'm lining the questions up. I'll also be asking him if he knows anything about zinc it'll be interesting to hear what he says.

Really want to avoid H2 Antagonists and PPI's, if I can, so keeping my fingers crossed.

Didn't know about amoxicillin interfering with B12 absorption and vice versa so that's really useful information for the future (speaking as one who acquires infections as often as people acquire oxygen!).

Thanks again and take care X

My new CFS doc gave me aloe for stomach and duodenal ulcers. I have used it in the past but not consistently, so I don't know if it helps or not.

I asked her about l-glutamine because I had read it's good for leaky gut - apparently indeed it's good for the intestines (but not for gastritis). Not sure if it helps with ulcers per se.

She said after a few months we will start with celery juice (yuk!), which is supposed to help increase stomach acid. I had not heard of that before! I do take Betaine HCl for low stomach acid and that helps. I took PPIs twice and both times they made me very sick and totally unable to digest anything.

good luck :)

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to jade_s

Thanks for the tips jade_s. Know what you mean about PPI's...they had the same effect on me!

Hi foggyme,

here is a link to another website- natural healing for ulcers:

A couple of suggestions are honey and of course homemade sauerkraut! There are others as well. And sauerkraut juice!

Also, when my stomach problems/acid reflux were much worse, I would put about an ounce or two of aloe juice(I used "Lily of the Valley" brand, don't know if that is available across the pond), in a glass with a big spoonful of honey and stir it around (doesn't mix super well but a little) and then ingest the mixture by the spoonful. The honey cuts the somewhat sour taste of the aloe and the above article recommends honey- so that's a win -win!

The lime juice is a great idea courtesy of fbirder- especially when it is squeezed over a bit of avocado. :)

Will keep looking....and if you don't want to take a PPI or zantec, you don't have to! Just say no to doctors!

They prescribed a PPI for my stomach/acid reflux issues but I took one and had such horrible abdominal cramping that I never took another one. When I told the doc the reason I wasn't taking them, he seemed a little blase as if he could care less whether I took them or not. So much for that!

Sending you lots of healing thoughts xxx

~ your pond friend

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to ndodge

Thanks for the tips and the website Ndodge.

Food for thought (or rather, food for ulcers) so lots to digest (in all its senses!).

Decided I'm not going to be taking H2 antagonists or PPI's unless as a last resort.

Thanks for the healing thoughts from over the pond...

Take care xx

I've used the herb slippery elm powder. It's not tasty ,but it is v soothing. :)

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to Withattitude

Grief Withattitude...never heard of slippery elm powder...but like the sound of it! Will investigate.

Many thanks xx

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