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solgar sub~linguals update

Hi everyone. Re recent concerns about sourcing & escalating cost of Solgar Meth 5000mcg sub~lingual tablets. Someone (sorry cant remember who) said they had ordered 2X60 tablet bottles for £26 via Amazon (as opposed average £19 + per bottle).

I found the company, based in USA, 'Green Spot Vitamins' but was wary as someone else mentioned being stung with import charges.

Anyway, I ordered two bottles on September 6th..£26.95+ FREE delivery! Estimated date of arrival October 6th.

They arrived TODAY, handed over by my friendly mention of extra cost. They were safely packed, look the real thing, bottles, labels & well within date 12/2018 .

Both on these bottles & the current bottle I'm using (bought in UK) it states the tablets are manufactured 'carefully' in Leonia New Jersey.Don't know why but I always thought Solgar was a German company (prob because most everything else we need comes from there?).Maybe that's why they were much cheaper, not sure?

Hope this helps anyone worrying about ordering sub~linguals (i.e most of us most of the time!)


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It's luck of the draw whether or not goods costing £15+ are assessed for 20% VAT. If you order goods <£15 VAT isn't levied.


I ordered from the 2 x60 for £26 with free delivery off Amazon from an American company (can't remember which now) I had a royal mail card for an international parcel waiting for me when I got home today so I guess that'll be the solgar (fingers crossed) No mention of charges on the card either so quick delivery and no duty. BONUS 😊

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It is the luck of the draw whether you get landed with customs charges or not when getting a US delivery. I have been stung and it adds a postal admin fee as well as custom so that can make it very expensive. Wish I'd bought more solgar when they were 2 for £20 a few months ago!


Have thrown the envelope away but there was a declaration form on the front that Green Spot Vitamins had filled in..don't know if that's the difference in being charged or not? i.e what they declare as the contents/value. Hope you slip through the net Singoutloud! (am sure its the same company as I went through Amazon & saw no other 2 bottle offers)


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