Spleen and B12?


I had my first loading dose injection yesterday, and today my massage therapist noticed that there seemed to be some swelling in my spleen area, and that I should tell the GP next time I'm there. From what I can gather from reading so far, it seems that an enlarged spleen is a symptom of B12 deficiency, but I was wondering whether the injection could have caused the swelling, as neither of us have identified it before now? I've been going to her for 4 years now, so she knows my body probably better than my husband!

Many thanks

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  • I would follow the advice of your therapist and ask your GP

  • I'll definitely do that - I just wondered whether anyone had come across it before. Googling it brings up some worrying results, so I thought I'd ask some sensible people 😊 I'm sure it's nothing, but I'll see what the GP says.

  • Hi I have been trying to find out the reason for my soreness/pain below ribs back and front and particularly at back towards side on my left side. Is that anywhere near the spleen location? None of my doctors so far seem to think its related to PA at all!

  • From what I can gather it's under your left rib, although I think it's more front than back? Definitely worth asking your GP about it as an option for them to explore, I think.

  • Dr Google can be a bit of an alarmist - doesn't necessarily give you any idea on how likely something is so easy to get panicked. One of the causes mentioned is blood disorders characterised by abnormal blood cells - so if your B12 deficiency has resulted in anaemia as is commonly the case it could be as simple as that. Agree with fbirder that seeing what GP says would be best but just wanted to point out that there could be a link to the B12 and it may have been there for a while as it is often asymptomatic - just that you have spotted it now.

  • Thanks Gambit - I wasn't anaemic at my previous test, although my ferritin was 22, so I was likely on the way. Having said that I've taken ferrous sulphate for a month, so if it is that, I wonder why I've noticed it now rather than before I started the supplements.....The human body is a fascinating thing!

  • Get some methylcobalamin active vitamin b12 and start taking it as soon as you can . This is not available on the NHS but you can buy it on line .

  • Thanks illness - I thought that would be what was in my B12 injections? I do have some that I was supplementing with for about a month, but haven't since my injections started. Although I've only had 1 of 5, so I haven't noticed a positive change yet.

  • NHS use hydroxocobalamin which is fine for most people. Although some people have problems with methylation others can have problems converting methyl to adenosyl (there are two active forms that are needed). As you say CharlieRN - bit early to be looking at other forms of B12 - see how you go with loading shots and then on to maintenance.

  • Thank you - I think I may actually gave read that, but it's gone into the brain fog!

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