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Hi all. Just curious if anyone who had stomach issues found they got better after b12 loading jabs? I've had a bloated stomach for a few months now (and bad digestion for most of the year). Waiting on an endoscopy. I stopped taking omeprazole about part the way the loading jabs as it didn't seem to make any difference. I've been resigned to a stomach that was sensation-free and bloated (albeit also pain free).

In the couple of weeks, since the last injection, to my complete surprise my digestion has very slowly improved. The end result looks normal rather than pale and oily. Noticed my stomach bloating has reduced and I'm feeling like things are happening. Might be halfway back to normal stomach wise

Would all be good, fantastic even, if I hadn't started a new set of symptoms. I'm still fatigued. B12 injections sorted out so many problems but not that. Stated feeling more fatigued also restless. Feeling achy and having trouble sleeping. Getting hot flushes and sweaty (not naturally a sweaty dude). Experiencing serious mood swings / anxiety which is not normal for me. Out of hours GP seen yesterday suggested a thyroid test might be a good idea. Very strongly suspect he is onto fingers crossed progress might be made soon.

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  • My digestion problems definitely improved once I got the amounts of B12 I needed - though I was having heartburn as well as bloating - and on reflection think it was low stomach acidity rather than high - find that having some lemon or lime juice in water with evening meal really helps me.

    Do you know what is happening with your folate levels? and I presume you are on hydroxocobalamin.

    Looking at thyroid sounds like a good idea.

    Hope you get to the bottom of things quickly.

  • Hi thanks for the reply. I originally went to the doctors with fatigue, bloated stomach and severe heartburn. I tried various over the counter remedies for the heartburn but nothing touched it.

    I too suspect for me was a case of low acid / acid imbalance. Will have to see how it goes now- have used diluted apple cider vinegar in the past and may give that a go again if needed.

    Not sure about folate levels, yes on hydroxocobalamin. Lovely stuff- not so much the injection process itself but the effect. Gave me a rapid turnaround of most of my symptoms.

  • Having low or no stomach acid ( which PA patients have according to my gastroenterologist ) affects the stomach flora badly . Bloating is just one result . You need probiotics . I used Symprove for several months and now make my own organic sauerkraut to eat raw. - do not cook or heat it .Has helped my tummy issues enormously !

  • I had Gastroparesis- slow emptying of the stomach and tightness in stomach- was quick to feel full - for several years before I started taking methyl B 12 lozenges - it was resolved within two months and a dose of 10,000 µg a day . I didn't realize I had a B 12 deficiency until after I got better and noticed the only thing I was doing differently was the B 12 . My B 12 was on the low end of normal at 182 but I've since learned that 550 is really the minimum it should be.

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