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B12 injections

hi I'm new but have already done a post but must of done something wrong because my user name didn't come up, so here goes again don't have PA but had 11 foot of my terminal ileum removed 3 years ago and I'm having injections but they run out after 4 weeks. Having blood test and investigations done at moment. Had several replies thank you so nice to be not alone 😊

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If you click on your avatar/icon then your profile will come up - and you can see the previous post there - though you may need to scroll down to see it.

You can also get to your profile by clicking on your name in the top bar and selecting profile from the menu that appears.

Not entirely sure why your name isn't appearing against the post when you open it up - don't think it is anything that you have done wrong - just a bug that decided to manifest at the time when you posted. - Hidden usually happens when you leave a group so don't know if you managed to hit on follow and then started following again. Anyway - not important.

Hope you feel better for at least knowing that you aren't alone in finding that you run out of juice a month after the injections ... will be interesting to see what comes up on the blood tests - with some luck they will come back showing that your levels drop very quickly and conclusively show that you need B12 more frequently.


thanks information was very helpful and feel more optimistic now I'm not alone many thanks 😊


I am so pleased for you that you are receiving injections having had your Terminal Ileum removed three years ago. I had Ileo-Caecal TB at 27 - some 43 years ago and the TI removed and further resections later for Crohns.

Noone mentioned that I would need B12 injections for life and only started them around three years ago. I had always taken a good B Complex and when B12 was tested was told by the Docs it was fine at around the 300 mark.

Having eventually caught up with the much needed information it was too late. I had spinal surgery for stenosis in 2007 which I now believe was due to the Low B12 and the damage is done.

Walking distances is difficult - however I teach yoga - swim loads - and generally have an active life here in Crete. Just wish I had known more about B12 Deficiency.

Wishing you well :-)


thanks for the reply, I too keep active was born with arthritis so know the importance of exercise, sorry to hear about your condition but you sound so positive just so frustrating to hear about so many people being neglected. Read the other day about dogs with b12 deficiency they get inj every week guess humans are not as important when it comes to research 😒

all the best 😊 x


...... I once read that dogs and cats lick their rear ends to obtain B12 that has been excreted :-) !!

You are right about vets and dogs - my dog is Hypo and is treated/dosed according to her weight. Many thyroid sufferers are under treated as GP's are slaves to the TSH test - which is meaningless once on treatment.

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