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Ferinject 32 weeks pregnant


I have signed up to this site especially for this question!

I have been diagnosed with very low iron levels and whenever taken oraly I am sick so the hospital decided it was best for me to have the Ferinject drip.

I have received a leaflet with all the side affects which has made me really frightened.

I just want to hear from an experienced person how common these affects are and to hear from people who have had the Ferinject drip and how it affected them?


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I would recommend discussing your doubts with whoever it is that will be administering the infusion. While some of us know quite a bit about Pernicious Anaemia, that's quite different to iron-deficiency anaemia.

Some of these side-effects leaflets can be quite scary, especially if they don't emphasise the frequency of the effects. This patient leaflet - - says that it's safe after the first trimester. It also says that a severe allergic reaction (the scariest of the side-effects) happens in less than 1% of cases - and the people administering the infusion will be aware of the possibility and have everything ready to treat it if it does happen.

But, again, I recommend you phone the hospital and ask to speak to somebody who knows.


Make sure you eat foods rich in b12 and in iron . Try Korean Kim chi and other fermented foods , oily fish , beetroot juice ( this contains the essential cobalt ) . Blackstrap molasses is a great source of iron , b6 and other nutrients and minerals .


Beware of he woo-woo.

A teaspoon of blackcrap molasses contains less than half a mg of iron. It is useless, expensive gunk.

If beetroot juice contains more than a trace of cobalt it's irrelevant as the human body cannot utilise elemental cobalt to make B12.


I had the infusion and felt better within a few hours to be honest. No side effects. I went from a deathly pale white/grey to normal pinky skin tone within hours, my RLS disappeared and when i had blood test 6 weeks later i had gone from ferritin level of 4 to 115. Really wish they had done it when i was pregnant and at level 3!!!!! Good luck.


Thank you!!!!


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