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Circulation and high BP

Not sure if this is correct place to ask. I am taking 2 products.... Circulease (for poor circulation) and Pycnogenol for help with BP. I used to ta e turn about . I was wondering if ok to take both, e.g. one in morning one at lunch. Healthspan is supplier but difficult to contact as their email opens out of protected mode and gets shut down. Anyone help?

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I'd recommend taking the containers down to your pharmacist along with details of any medications you are taking and ask them if they can advise - they should be able to access databases for any interactions between contents and other medications.


Thanks, I have decided that as my annual bloods/health check test due soon just to ask nurse and pharmacist, I think I spend too much time and money on things that don't really work!! of course the placebo effect is there for a bit a bit. Hope you ok


Bit tired this evening- long day - still working - and cycled home the very, very long way - probably about 10 miles in total.

Doing a review with nurse and pharmacist sounds like a good idea.

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Have high hopes for review!


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