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Hi, I have posted before in last couple of weeks. Basically I had no real symptoms of b12 deficiency until I had routine blood test as I was on ppis. My b12 was found to be really low (85). I started on injections and had just 3 as I had bad reaction to them. I then went on tablets and sublinguals with the same effect. I'm now waiting for referrals to hopefully work out what to do. The thing is that I'm now getting loads of neuro symptoms which I'm sort of coping with! I'd just like to see if anybody out there has pins and needles on face lips into mouth and throat? I do find it a bit alarming and would like some reassurance if poss.

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  • Sorry to hear this. May I ask you what reactions you experienced to the B12 injections and SL .

    Many thanks

  • I have a very odd feeling of numbness in lips and face. Not numbness as if I've been to the dentist but a definite sense of loss of feeling. I've now realised I've had the tingling ( like spontaneous puns and needles) in my fingers and especially toes for months but didn't realise what it was.

  • Yes, lips and roof of mouth especially.

  • I have pins and needles on my face, tongue. lips...not experienced them in throat though.

  • I have numbness in one side of face and around my mouth also neck and arm, and the tingling and soreness in my mouth but not in my throat

  • Hi KathyN. Yes, I also get pins, needles and numbness in my throat, tongue, lips and face. Plus difficulty with swallowing. Most disconcerting (to put it mildly).

    Funny that you should post now as mine has been particularly bad for the last four days.

    Still looking for 'answers'....will let you know if anything turns up.

    Incidentally, have you checked the patient information leaflet for whatever cobalamin you are injecting....some list this kind of parasthesis as a side effect when injecting B12...would be interesting to see if your symptoms correlate to when you inject your B12. I've tried looking at this, and mine don't.

    Hope it wears off soon.

    Take care xx

  • I used to get patches of pins & needles top of thigh when injection time was approaching. A pre-cursor. Then I kept up my levels of B22 with oral intake from Holland & Barrett.

    Hope you are alittlr reasured?

  • I get it on tongue quite badly, roof of mouth gets sore. sometimes feels like i have forgotten to swallow mid swallow if that makes any sense and end up choking.

    You could possibly try the squirty boost spray from holland and barretts - it works for me to get rid of pins and needles - short term.

  • Thanks so much for all your replies, so helpful and reassuring! The reaction I get to injections are really high temperature very fast pulse (150 a min? ) and just feeling really ill unable to do anything. Then after a few days I get loads of neuro symptoms as well, trouble balancing and walking then after about 10 days this all goes and I'm back to normal, unless I try any more b12 then it all starts again only worse each time.

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