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Pins and Needles Persist

Hi! Again. I'm in a bit of a pickle and would love some advice. I started displaying neuro symptoms and started alternate day injections of 1000mcg. My B12 skyrocketed so I cut down to two injections. Symptoms returned so I've begun 0.5mcg hydroxy for the past two days. Some symptoms improved but persistent pins and needles in both feet, shooting up my knees. I'm worried. My supplementation brought my folates up but still have low iron (on capsules). Is the B12 working? I posted blood work in a previous post.


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I wouldn't worry about the skyrocketing B12 levels. You need to get rid of the symptoms. B12 is not toxic and your body will expel any B12 you don't need. If it was me, I'd keep taking the iron and the B12 injections. Make sure you have regular tests for your iron levels as that can be dangerous if you don't need it. can you buy ferrogradumet (iron) pills? They are a strong dose whereas capsules might be quite weak.


Thanks. I'm in Canada and currently taking Ferramax. Fingers crossed!


What about tryng Methylcobalamin? It is one step nearer than being absorbed . Some people do better on it., and swear it is best for neuro symptoms. If you decide to do that come back here for ways of obtaining it. All the best to you.

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Thanks Wedgewood. I'm contemplating that but hydroxy has worked well so far. Its when I cut back on injections, the symptoms returned. Aaaaargh.......;)


Hi, I have neuropathy of the feet. Started about 5years ago. I have B12 injections every 12 weeks, also type 2 diabetes. it has got worse over the years. Go back to your doctor, would be best.


Thanks! Appreciate the advice.


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