Technical help, please

Hi all,

Last week this health unblocked forum decided to be in Portuguese- not what people post or what I post but the instructions and everything else. I don't recall hitting some kind of language button accidentally. Luckily, I know some Spanish which facilitates my understanding of the Portuguese. But I would really like it to go back to English. I have clicked on the ajuda (help button) and there is a language option but for just that page. As soon as I go back to the posts, all the instructions are in Portuguese.

How can I fix this?

Thanks so much in advance.

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  • If you go to the very bottom of the page - black bar - the far right is a block on languages - have you tried clicking on English there?

    Not going to guarantee it works. If it doesn't and nobody else comes forward then I'd suggest that you click on Help Centre in the support column - there may be an answer there or you would have the option to contact the technical support team - they might take a while to get back to you but they will get back eventually.

  • This article in the support section might also help

  • Thanks Gambit62, for getting back to me so quickly and yes, that fixed it!

    I just didn't look down far enough. I could have easily hit the Portuguese button accidentally as I was using my phone to read and reply to messages.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Bless you 😊 x

  • What a sweet message! And the same back to you. :-) xx

  • Or maybe you were replying to Gambit62?

    It was a sweet message, regardless.


  • You could always emigrate to Portugal - it's a lovely country and the people are very friendly and strangely enough most of them speak English :)

  • Not when you get into the interior they don't.

    Actually, even in Lisbon I found a lot of non-English speakers. I once left something in a Lisbon taxi, so I went to the central taxi office to report it. My friend got mightily confused when she came in to find me and the taxi women talkin French to each other. I didn't have enough Portuguese, she didn't have enough English, but we both knew a bit of French.

  • oh la la.. Arsene Wenger and Vieira is about my lot of French... 😊

  • Great story fbirder! :-)

  • I managed to get a 7 acre vineyard precision planted like that when the tractor driver spoke Luxembourg and his two assistants spoke Polish! Thank goodness for school French!

    It showed me how it is possible to communicate, even intricate information, if you all have the will to understand each other!

    There's none so deaf as those that won't listen! (Drs!).

  • Sounds like a memorable experience, deniseinmilden! :-)

  • Ha! Yes fbirder I'd forgotten about Lisbon....

    My late wife and I "got lost" in the city in 1989 and couldn't find our way out and we kept going round and round in circles (or squares?) until eventually in desperation I pulled in front of and blocked in one of those ubiquitous green and black taxis and tried to ask directions of that other Portuguese driver who didn't speak English.

    After many signs an wonders (he signed and we wondered) he stormed back to his cab, slammed the door, reversed and pulled round in front of us and drove off. As he did so he stuck his arm out of the window and waved to us with a "follow me" gesture and took us to the very approaches of the "25 de Abril Bridge". With a final wave he shot off back into the city never again to be seen by us but I shall ever be grateful to that man.

    Bom Dias

  • Another great story! You guys have all the fun! :-)

  • I'd love to go to Portugal...Or anywhere for that matter. I've only been to Canada& Mexico! :-)

  • it's to all of you! I have hugs and xs for everyone 😊

  • Awww... even sweeter! Backatcha, scorpiojo, in spades! :)

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