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Bad allergies with parietal cell antibodies?

Hey it's me again! For those of you that have this antibody, do you notice bad allergies or intolerance to food and also the every day environment. I ask because I was doing some research and I read a lot about histamine release and it might have been the foggy brain but I think it releases a lot. I was on weekly allergy shots for 6 years as a kid because I couldn't even step outside without 100 sneezes following! To this day my nose runs 24/7 every single day of the year and my eyes are blood shot and itchy. I attached some symptoms of this too. If a lot of histamine releases with this disease it would make so much more sense to me!

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As many people have these antibodies, and also healthy people, I wouldn't think there is a link between the two, but with low gastric acid (not necessarily present with PC ab!) might be yes, have read the same. I don't have the antibodies, but many allergies..


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