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Blood clotting issues with PA

I have PA ,get monthly hydroxy jabs. Ihave gone on to develop erratic heart beats angina like pain and pains along blood vessels in legs. I have high cholesterol and cannot tolerate statins but use plant stanols. My dentist from Bulgaria says i should be aware of clotting issues with PA. She seems to know more than my GP who failed to diagnose me for 10 years. I take sublingual methyl as well. Get pins and needles in extremities if levels drop. I have to have exercise ecg test next week after surgery short ecg suggested abnormal repolarisation suggestive of cardiac ischaemia. Worried and stressed. Thanks .gillsie

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I am not aware of blood clotting issues with PA. Before treatment maybe, in case platelets are really low, but that should not be an issue now.

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Raised cholesterol can be a symptom of low thyroid - which so often goes hand in hand with PA. The most common thyroid condition is Hashimotos which like PA is auto-immune.

In days gone by - before thyroid testing came into being in the 70's - people with raised cholesterol had their thyroids treated :-)

Low or high thyroid hormones can also be the cause of various heart conditions.

Have you had your thyroid tested thoroughly - and not just the TSH ?? TSH - FT4 - FT3 - and the anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg all need to be tested.

Am also wondering about your Serum Iron and stored iron - Ferritin ? Have they been tested ? They need to be optimal. Red blood cells transport oxygen around the body - which adheres to the iron in the cell. When iron is low so is the oxygen and the heart often beats faster in an effort to produce more oxygen. Simplistically put :-)


Hi marz

My tsh is 3.4. Gp wont do more comprehensive test as tsh in normal range. Have complained to her time and time about thyroid hypo symptoms. I think i had better try private test.

My serum ferritin is 39 range 10 to 300. Other blood tests look ok except creatinine is at top of its range at 84.



Your Ferritin is very low and needs to be around 80 I have read. A TSH of 3.4 is too high as most healthy people have a TSH of around 2.

On the same website you will find a page about Understanding Blood Tests - where you will find the confirmation of my comments above.

Most people go for the Bundle 11 - which covers everything you need. I would post your results in a new thread - possibly on the Thyroid UK forum - for people to comment. Am happy to help :-)


Sorry to have to disagree but a ferritin of 39 is not 'very' low. If you're a man or non-menstruating woman it is on the lower side.

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I agree that 39 is not very low for a healthy person. But for someone who has a TSH of 3.4 and who is likely to be hypothyroid it can be too low, because it is an essential nutrient required for converting T4 to T3. The usual recommendation from Thyroid UK is for ferritin to be a minimum of 70 up to about halfway through the reference range.


Cán be too low yes, íf hypothyroid. I just thought it was a bit too absolute, that's all.


Hi All

Thanks for your comments. Actually I rechecked my blood results and my TSH when last tested was 3.8 (not 3.4 which was previous test). 39 for serum ferritin is the highest I have had in 4 years. I supplement myself from time to time but wonder if I should just take 200mg of ferrous fumarate everyday rather than once or twice a week. With my PA I do have atrophic gastritis. I am 62 and was undiagnosed with PA for so long I am losing confidence in the GP. Now on top I have these heart issues, high cholesterol and heavy ache in my chest, which will be tested with an exercise ECG on Friday 19. I think that I will investigate a private test for thyroid if affordable. GP just says my TSH is normal.

It is all so wearying! Thank you though for advice and listening.


"My dentist from Bulgaria says i should be aware of clotting issues with PA."

I have read that B12 deficiency and also folate deficiency can lead to thrombocytopenia (low numbers of platelets) which may have an affect on blood clotting.

Have you had a FBC(Full Blood Count) recently as this should show platelet levels. Do you know your folate levels?

I am not a medic just a person who has struggled to get a diagnosis.


Years ago I had the same problem with my legs, my GP never took it seriously until I ended up in a wheelchair. I'm not saying it to scare you, I'm saying keep on at your doctor n tell them you want it investigated. Mine is partly due to sacdsc. It needs to be kept a close eye on.


Also ask your doctor to check your potassium levels, that can cause heart type problems if it's too low. Keeping fingers crossed for you x


I was expecting the treadmill heart EcG friday but the hospital has rung an cancelled it! Staff shortages. So no solution yet but i willbe getting a private thyroid check as soon as i have the funds.


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