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Wear and tear on my spine and hips

Xray results came in from my rheumatology doctor today, she said I had wear and tear to my hips and lower spine and although my shoulder xrays look clear she expects their wear and tear there also as it doesn't always show on xrays, but she's happy that it isn't rheumatoid arthritis and I don't have to see her again! I'm waiting till my children are back in school next week before I see my own doctor, I'm in agony with the pain in my back,hips,shoulders and neck, wondering what my doctor will say? Can't stand this anymore! does anyone else have this problem?

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My worst pain areas are my hips, back, shoulders and neck. I don't even remember what comfortable is 😁 anymore as I find it impossible to find any position sitting or lying where I am not in pain! Have you considered asking for a referral to a chronic pain clinic?


I get lower back and hip pain. It usually wakes me up in the morning but it tends to slowly ease if I get up and move around. I feel it again during the day if I get tired.

I've no idea whether or not I have specific problems in those areas as I try not to visit my doctor since they stopped my jabs and I got the practice manager and the senior partners involved (to no avail, I might add)

Sorry, not much help, but you're not alone!


I too suffer from pain in neck, shoulders, lower back, fingers, feet, knees and hips and have done since I was a child. Initially, I was told it was just growing pains, then misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis, then at age 30 I was finally diagnosed with Alkolysing spondolitis (another autoimmune disorder). I have since been diagnosed with thyroiditis and pernicious anemia (8 months ago).


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