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Advice re making a complaint against GP please ☆♡☆

Hello all again . Xx

My GP rang me this eve and began shouting at me ! I have complex PTSD and Dr's are one of my triggers due to historical abuse . I am baffled by the 3 GP'S I've seen recently in the same practice due to my own lovely GP being on sabbatical .

I have given them every guide line going and written detailed emails . They are referring me onto another heamotolgist and neurologist but obviously this will time . I asked if these could be emergency refferals and response was ' We'd all like to get what we want but life isn't like that ' I've asked them several times to please start treatment in the interim period and they are refusing despite my rapidly worsening neurological symptoms . I'm literally stumbling around in a stupor now , completely exhausted and now in shock after bring shouted at . I never raise my voice to them .


Has anyone complained about their GP or have any advice re how I should proceed .

Many thanks xx

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Really sorry to hear that things are getting so difficult. Can totally relate to GPs being a trigger - though in my case it's more about distrust having been put on antidepresants aged 10.

I haven't complained about a GP

This may be of use


seems to go through the various options quite clearly.

sure others have complained and will be able to share their experiences.


Thankyou Gambit62 . I shall have a read . I would rather not complain as really don't have the energy !! But shouting at an ill person who also has PTSD is totally unacceptable ! :(



Totally agree - usually complaint processes start of with something pretty informal in the first place - more of a chance to point out that something has gone wrong than assigning blame.

PTSD is likely to make it more difficult to let go. Not sure but just in case it helps



Thanks again . Your post resonates very strongly with me as I've mediated for years . I also find yogic breathing helps . I haven't practiced for a few months as I have been so unwell . My relaxation methods are usually , swimming , walking , yoga , bioenergetics and feldenkrais but have not had the energy and my left side is now very numb so I'm definitely too afraid to swim ! :(

Buts it's a timely reminder that I need to create time for mediation at home again . So thank you xxxx I studied hypnotherapy so am also aware of the power of positive thought though also not so easy with brain fog and pyschical illness on top .

Many thanks xxx


I've spoken to people who complained and found it a very difficult experience, my concern would be about being labelled as a difficult patient.

Unhappy with treatment?


The woman who runs this website can be contacted by e-mail.


Are you a member of PAS? They can sometimes intervene on behalf of members by writing letters.


PAS tel no 01656 769 717







MPs may be source of information.



020 8423 8999

HDA Patient Care trust. A charity that offers free second opinions on diagnosis and treatment. think a full medical history is required.


0207 935 8366

"I've asked them several times to please start treatment "

Have you asked them face to face or by letter? My understanding is that letters have to be filed and are a record of issues raised. I keep copies of any letters I write. Some people get copies of their medical records, probably costs at least £50, before making formal complaints so they can see everything that has been written about them.

Think it's relatively easy to get this from GP, think people have to make a formal written request but can be much more difficult to get records from hospitals.

I am not a medic just a person w ho has struggled to get a diagnosis.

PTSD support




Hi Sleepybunny . Thanks for the very informative links !! They really give me an idea of were to start . Bless you for your time xxx

I have sent them very detailed emails and also asked by email that they start treatment in the interim period, they have refused 3 times saying that I need to see a neurologist and new heamotolgist . On some levels they are helping me ie referals but they continually dismiss that it could be PA and say my symptoms lead elsewhere but won't say where! I have long standing complex medical issues that I now realise got very severe after my first op 17 years ago . I have given them the nitrous oxide info and wrote clearly how I had worsened since then and referred them to all my hospital records which correlate . I've been passed from pillar to post for 17 years and still tbey will not even consider it could be PA despite my neurological symptoms matching at least 85% of both the PAS and B12 checklists . I have requested my medical record which i collect next week.

I have joined and spoken to the lovely Martyn but he said they could not write to GP but that GPs are gods in making a diagnosis :/ I have been trying to find out an alternative and have also spoken to Dr Sharma who I would love to see but I'm unfortunately not in a position to afford . From my understanding Dr Sharma is able to treat but not necessarily diagnosis in a way that a GP would listen too . ( though maybe I misunderstood this !? )

It feels so overwhelming as I'm exh


Sorry phone jumping !

As I'm exhausted . All of this info is new to me and due to brain fog I'm probably not dealing with things as well as I usually could :/

I'm so glad I found this forum now and am grateful for your and everyone's help.

Many thanks xx


would having a word with the practice manager help?


Hi Jillc39 .

Yes I shall have to speak to them . My friend who is a social worker has come to 2 of the meetingsas advocate for me . She intervened when they continually talked over me . She also was at my flat when the call yesterday came through and could hear the Dr shouting at me from across the room !! She was absolutely disgusted and sent the Dr a stern email and re asked that the decision be put into writing .

No doubt they just expected me to roll over and are not used to being challenged .

I've never had any previous problems with a GP or Dr etc and have never raised my voice .

There is definitely something about B12 that they strongly object too !! But I really can't understand what !

Many thanks xx



I've just thought that it is possible that your surgery are using local B12 NHS Guidelines rather than the BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines.

Some of these local B12 deficiency guidelines have not been updated for a number of years eg were written before the BCSH Cobalamin guidelines were produced in 2014. Has your surgery told you what B12 guideline sthey are using?

I found it helpful to get a copy of local B12 Guidelines..it helped me to understand why I did not get the treatment I expected. Local NHS Guidelines might be found by an internet search, a search on local NHS website or a FOI request to loacl NHS website.

As I said above sometimes MPs can be helpful at getting info from officials when a member of the public has been unable to.

"I have sent them very detailed emails and also asked by email that they start treatment in the interim period,"

I'm not sure that copies of e-mails have to put in medical file. I have in the past requested that a copy of a particular letter is placed in my file.



I did emphasise that all the guidelines I gave them were the current ones . I shall look up the ones you mentioned above to inform myself .

My local MP is now rather busy as Labour leader :) so not sure he's he still in surgery but he'd certainly be the man alright !!

Thanks again for all your advice . I'm gonna have a break from it all til next week then start again .

Have a lovely weekend xx

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I've had the tests and have been told they are normal but have yet to receive a copy of medical record so I can put results here . The Homocystein test needs to be repeated . Now the GP has referred me to a new heamotolgist .I have asked that this be an urgent refferal and as far as I'm aware so far this is not the case !! I've also asked the neurologist app be an urgent one as my symptoms are worsening . The reply to this was ' We'd all like to get what we want but life isn't like that '

My own GP is away til September though not sure when exactly .

I now feel I need another surgery as they have closed ranks but I'm unsure wether to move in the interim period while waiting for new heamotolgist and neurologist :/

Exhausted by the merry go round .


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Meant to say my thyroid is now underactive but not sure of exact results yet. I have white dots ( vitiligo I think ) now lemon / yellow patches on my skin . I've had endometriosis for at least 17 years and also full of candida which I think are both autoimmune ?



That's so terrible - you have my heartfelt sympathy. I hope you get it sorted soon.


Thanks . Fingers crossed I get somewhere soon xxx


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