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Can a GP organise iron infusion?

Hi everyone

Has anyone had a GP referral to ask for an iron infusion. My Gp called me today and told me that my gastro consultant has refused me so she asked another who has also refused. I would imagine thay my Gp has a duty of care to ensure i get treatment but apparently the best they can do is get the refusal in writing then make a complaint about the consultants refusal.

Problem being I feel im in a corner now i cant work due to ill health so paying privately is not an option. I was wondering if anyone has ever had a Gp directly refer them to hospital for an iron infusion?

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If you call up Danslatete and find the post --iron infusion?

There are some people who have had one who have replied. Perhaps you could pm them, the post is a few months old so not sure how active those replying members will be though.

You might be able to look at your post and at the side bar it gives other people with similar questions this was one of them.


Thanks for doing that gambit wasnt sure if the info could be copypaste


Thanks for the replys everyone im gona print the info out and go to the gp with it feels like such a long battle and its hard work when u feel like a pile of crap lol thank you again this forum is amazing!

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