Pernicious Anaemia Society

Leicestershire Support Group. Does Anybody Have Any Information?

Hello All. I've been trying to get in contact with the above group and have email the address on the PAS website twice over the last couple of months, but had no response.

I'd dearly love to go to their meetings and so wonder if anybody out there has any information about the group, that they could pass on?

Many thanks.

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sorry I can't help - guess you may just have to be patient - lack of response may be indicative that the person concerned is unavailable at the moment.

in the meantime though you could try contacting the main office and ask if they are aware of anything that would be preventing you from getting a response from the Leicester support group - might at least confirm if holidays or another absence is the problem.

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Thanks Gambit. Good point about the person concerned being unavailable...will just be patient then 😃

Think I'll leave it until the end of August and then contact the PAS office to see if they have any information.



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