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Hi, my 17 year old daughter has hashimotos and is suffering with symptoms even though she's on 125mg of levo. She's constantly tired (not just tired...) and has mood swings and is often down. GP says she isn't anaemia but thyroid community think she may be, would anyone like to comment on results please? Feel like I'm stuck in limbo and just want her to feel better. GP has referred her back to endo as they don't know what ride to do! Thanks all 😀

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The test that is really relevant to this community - B12- doesn't appear in the above. Although pernicious anaemia includes the word anaemia it is actually a vitamin deficiency that will cause deformed blood cells (macrocytosis) but it is only one of the symptoms and most have nothing to do with blood at all - just an historical accident that it was first identified in patients who had anaemia.

However, looking at the results above MCV is bottom of range and MCH is below range which could be indicative of microcystosis - though microcytosis is actually defined by being below the MCV range medically speaking.

There are various things that can cause microcytosis - iron deficiency is one but there are others.

Sorry - really not an expert on anaemia - some members of this forum do have iron based anaemia's as well as B12 absorption problems so possible one of them may be able to help. All I can really suggest is querying the MCH and low MCV with your GP and ask outright why they don't think that the MCH is a problem.


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