Annoyed at my doctor with medication and xray results

Update, I had a nuclear bone scan that showed abnormalities around my hips and shoulders, so I was sent for follow up xrays, I seen my Gp yesterday as I feel I got nothing from my last B12 injection, all my nuro symptoms are still present, he told me I'm afraid the damage has been done! What even is that! He called me this morning to tell me theirs wear and tear to my hips and spine but that could be down to my age , what I'm 43 so this wear and tear is causing me extreme pain, i said how are you going to manage my pain? Another appointment required, also yesterday I got a psychological referel and antidepressants 👎 I'm only 43 wear and tear considering I've been sick for 10 years! I'm really at the end of the road and don't know which way to turn.

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  • I too have wear and tear to my back and neck my gp is sending me to a rumetologist to do more tests as iam 46 and it's now 3 years since I've lossed my balance and seen a Nerorologist 2 lumbar puncher later no Nero disease present but sill go loads of symptoms so will try this route iam only getting hydrocloblamine every 3 months for the passed 8 years ask your gp to send u to see a rumetologist x

  • It was my rheumatology doctor who ordered the first nuclear bone scan and when they showed abnormalities that's when she sent me for normal xrays, I don't know if my rheumo doctor will send to see again as it was my Gp who phoned me yesterday, i was so annoyed at him on Wednesday before I got the xray results, he told me the damage has already been done? Gave me antidepressants and a pyschatratic referel? I don't disagree that I'm depressed & suffering nuro symptoms the usual balance,numbness, slurred speech, forgetting everything, staggering,pain and the list goes on, I just want to be well,I don't work as I'm not fit and I don't claim sickness benefit, I don't know what to do next

  • Yes iam the same as u but suffer terrible dizzyness all day worse when I stand and try and walk that's giblets me no balance now without holding on walks or walking aids I can't walk unaided and are in constant pain numbness a full list of symptoms that's had my gp scratching his head and says he will send me to 1 consultation at a time it's been a constant battle of no diagnosisfrom e.n.t and my Nerorologist only did a brain scan in 2014 and 2 lumbar puncher in 2015 and now iam waiting again I have read lots on this site about other conditions showing b12 def symptoms so faiboglamada and other things so it's a waiting game now hopefully the rumetologist will see u again as if there is any further treatment I want a full body mri as that may show things better than xray on my back only x

  • Diagnosed Fibromyalgia in Nov 2016 I discussed with him about my b12 and neurological symptoms and balance he said fibro has made them worse. So Dr has never give me loading does of hydroxide 1000mg b12 say Iam having regular 12 week injections so taking the bull by the horns and doing it myself got all my stuff ready to do loading does ever other day just had my 12 week injection for drs nurse on thursday and doing a b12 injection today x

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