MRI Scan- worn neck nerves


I recently had an MRI scan - ordered by a neurologist as I'm suffering from difficulty walking (painful knees, muscle weakness), lightheadededness, balance problems and a collection of other symptoms.

My scan was clear-except for some ''wear' on my neck. Last year I suffered from excruciating neck pain. Is is possible this wear has been caused by a B12 deficiency?

I'm away at the moment so I haven't got access to the full result- just the above info.

Thank you for any help.

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  • I think you need to ask what is meant by 'wear'. Cervical spondylosis?

  • I assumed it was wear to the nerves-I did think possibly cervical spondylosis from my very brief research. Just trying to get a photograph of the neurologist's letter now!

  • It sounds the most likely from what you've said, but it would be best if you could post a copy of the letter. CS is not uncommon, esp. post 50. (I developed it in my 30s, but's that's due to the position I have to sleep in with apnoea). I believe it can cause all kinds of problems, including pressure on nerves.

  • Finally home to my letter and the neurologist's letter states that I have 'mild signs of cervical spondylosis'. I don't know if this condition can be linked to B12 deficiency or if it exists separately.

  • I've never read of CS having a connection to B12 deficiency, but I may be wrong.

    Anyone else?

  • From

    "Cervical spondylosis is a general term for age-related wear and tear affecting the spinal disks in your neck. As the disks dehydrate and shrink, signs of osteoarthritis develop, including bony projections along the edges of bones (bone spurs).

    Cervical spondylosis is very common and worsens with age. More than 85 percent of people older than age 60 are affected by cervical spondylosis."

    As a retired registered nurse practitioner I believe I can state correctly that Cervical Spondylosis and Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Spinal Cord are two very different conditions.


  • I don't think I've referred to SCDSC, but other members have done so below this comment.

  • At the B12 Conference in Loughborough a couple of weeks ago, Sally Pacholok spoke about Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Spinal Chord.

    I've just looked up what Wikipedia says about it and think it's well worth reading as it is quite clear about the implications of B12d and folate.

    My neurologist wanted to stop my (daily) injections for a month to see if degeneration of the Spinal Chord would show up on an MRI as several months of extreme treatment (while I was waiting for his appointment) had reversed a lot of my neurological symptoms.

    So much for "do no harm"!

    As I "can't walk, can't talk" within a few hours of missing either a jab or my cofactors, I declined his offer, just for the sake of a picture, and now buy all my own supplies because my surgery won't supply them without this proof.

    If this is what your scan shows it would be worth printing out the information and taking it to prove your need for B12 injections and cofactors.

    If they still won't treat you then I very strongly recommend that you self inject ASAP, at least every other day, to halt the damage. You should get a reversal of some of your symptoms but some damage is possibly permanent.

    This is why "at risk" people should screened and all low (less than 300) results should be treated effectively immediately.

    I inject 1.5 mg in 1 ml hydroxocobalamin daily and take lots of supporting cofactors because I need this high level to improve. A year on I am looking forward to rebuilding my life and no longer feel I am dying.

    (Here guys - I knew what I learned would come back to me!!!

    My short term memory is still lousy but, now the Conference was a few weeks ago, it is as if has become "long term" memory and therefore I can access it!).

  • Where do you get your B12 to self inject my husband is suffering all these symptoms

  • I purchase ampoules from either versandapo (an online German pharmacy) or and needles, syringes, alcoholic swabs from Most people recommend having your first injection by a qualified health professional (GP, private GP, nutritionist) in case you have a (rare) reaction. Many believe that taking treatment into their own hands has saved their lives.

    If you'd like more detailed info, and advice from other more experienced members, do not hesitate to post a separate post requesting advice on starting self-injecting (I'm still loading to reverse neurological symptoms-46 injections and counting!)

  • Hello!

    I too get my ampoules from (highly recommended) and other things from Amazon.

    For more information you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

  • Thankyou for that info gonna have to do something

  • Go for it and get better soon!

    Good luck! x

  • Hi deniseinmilden. Do you get hydroxycobalamin from If so does it tell you what preservatives if any are in it? I've got to be careful as I don't tolerate quite a lot of them.

  • Hi Sally,

    I buy 1.5 mg in 1 ml hydroxocobalamin ampoules from and they are Pascoe brand.

    It is listed (in German) as:

    Active Ingredient: hydroxocobalamin

    Other ingredients: Sodium chloride, water for injection purposes

    It also says "for intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous injection".

  • It also says to store the ampoules in the box below 25 degrees and keep out of the light. (My translation helped by "Google Translate").

    While I can't guarantee it doesn't have anything else in it, it does suggest to me that it doesn't have any other preservatives besides the salt. The liquid does taste slightly salty but I can't taste anything else - the hydroxocobalamin doesn't seem to have a taste.

    I hope this is helpful.


  • If you join the PAS they have a nice article on Combined Degeneration of the Cord in their library.

  • Thank you. I keep meaning to join!

  • I have had exactly same as you and was diagnosed with b12 of 132 in June Had a fall in July ,neck came up in few days very stiff Saw neurologist had an MRI IN November which made everything worse Cervical Spondolosis diagnosed by TIA consultant Neurologist just said degeneration age related At moment having physio which is helping to keep neck moving And keeping my b12 up with sublinguals cos now only on 3 monthly injections Waiting for friend to come over to talk me thru self injection Physio said any heat will help ,sauna ,heat bag ,massage , I asked the same questions about low B12 but no one will say yes It just something lying dormant and often starts with a fall etc Also doctor gave PPI over Christmas so I could take naproxen for Spondolosis headaches which has now led to low Or no stomach so struggling with that since new year Every day a struggle !!

  • I am not convinced by my cervical spondylosis diagnosis. I have done a little medical research and it seems that SADC is a differential diagnosis of cervical spondylosis. It is not impossible for a 35 year old in a non-manual job to have age-related wear and tear-but I think it is a coincidence-and I am still suspicious of the diagnosis. I hope you improve with more frequent injections. I understand your frustrations..

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