I did it! Just a small prick 😊

injection one done.. Must admit, I had a tiny bit left in the syringe:( But it hurt exactly the same as the GP nurse doing it. A scratch.. I'm determined to try this and get better and for that split second that you stick it in / the scratch it's worth it!! Only thing I haven't got is a sharpes box but I'll get one... Thanks everyone.. I only bought ten ampoules so today I'll get on and buy more... Anyone reading this that helped THANK YOU X... Anyone who is reading this that on the cliff edge wondering can you bring yourself to inject PLEASE make sure you have all the knowledge, watch the videos, ask as many questions as you need, and try it... Happy Sunday 😊 x

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  • Ps I'm not getting notifications so if I'm a while getting back to you please know it's not bad manners 😊

  • Well done!!!

  • 😊

  • Great news. Hope you start to feel better.

  • fingers crossed 😊 Thanks

  • For the sharps box try asking your pharmacist.

    I get mine from the local council. They drop off an empty one and pick up the full one. Worth checking out.

  • Thanks if you buy them how do you then get rid of them? Can you take them to chemist? Thanks you have helped so much 😊

  • No idea. As I say, the council pick mine up. The chemist will know the local arrangements.

  • Oh well done Scorpiojo. What a milestone. Sure you won't look back. Hug, hug hug πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ x

  • Thanks I couldn't have done it without you all... X 😊

  • Can't tell you how pleased I am for you! IT will be the beginning of a new life!

  • here's hoping πŸ˜ƒ xx

  • Well done!

    It is SO worth doing. After only 3 jabs the tingling in my hands has gone... looking forward to everything else getting better too!

    Hope your symptoms start decreasing soon.

  • I want my energy to return... That for me is the worst x

  • Sharps box from Boots Β£1.50 and just hand over full one to Boots Pharmacy counter.

  • Thank you x😊

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