Public or Private Postings? A quick question from a Newbie. I think I Lost It!

Hello all.  If any of you have read yesterday's post from @TAB 100 you will have seen an ill informed comment posted there by a member from another community.

I was quite shocked (though perhaps, by now, I shouldn't be) by the level of ignorance about all things B12d implied by the comments and it grieves me that anybody struggling and asking for help should have to put up with that at a time when feeling, at the very least, vulnerable. 

I apologise that it was my post that illicited  that response. 

I've been so busy reading past posts / threads that I've only just read how the site 'works' and now realise that posts can be marked for public viewing or for this community only.

So now, a question: is it better to mark all postings for this community only, rather than put in the public arena?

It's a bit of a tease and I'd really appreciate some advice on this. On the one hand, I think that if 'we' hide the many problems we deficients have in accessing treatment, then nothing will ever change.  One the other, I have no desire to expose anybody to ill advised comments (or perhaps that's part and parcel of living in a forum?).

Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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  • I think it is a matter for each to decide on their own.  There may always be posts that have particular sensitivities - in general - as a member of several forums - I would post as open but there have been times on other forums when I have posted as private.

    I'm guessing the comment was probably about disclosing details of where we source B12 from - and I woudn't worry about the fact that it was your post where this happened.  People will be on several forums and you have to join a forum in order to create or respond to a post.  There have been instances of some rather wacky and way out responses in the past and they will continue in the future.  More important to realise that if you have concerns you can report the post/response to the administrator who can take it down if it is felt to be totally inappropriate.  In general I felt that the response was dealt with quite appropriately by other members and that has been the case with others - providing an explanation of why it is wrong can be more informative than not having misconceptions debated at all.

  • Thanks Gambit. I agree about the need to debate. One vote for open! 

  • Ah! I went back and found the exact remark you were talking about - wasn't the one I was thinking about ... and if it is any consolation - I lost it too!

  • I think most of us nearly lost it Gambit, just that Foggyme beat us to the reply ;)

  • I find that if I see an "odd" posting i look at the posters bio and their previous posts, that way you can more or less gauge the type of person. Some are controversial just for the sake of it, just to get a reaction. 

    I remember quite recently fbirder almost ending up having an internet slanging match with someone. You just have to learn to 'walk away'. 

  • Thanks Lisahelen. Good advice.

  • I know the poster you're talking about Lisahelen - I did the same thing - went and read the bio and decided trolling wasn't worth responding to :)  It's really hard sometimes.

  • Hey! I'm retired and get quickly exhausted. I've got to get my fun somehow. ;-)

  • Me too! Let's hear it for fun!

  • You two provide the fun and the rest of us will sit, clap and cheer you on from the sidelines :-)

  • Was it the one about having too much B12 was dangerous?

    I guess with any medication there is always a possibility that someone somewhere will have an adverse reaction.

  • Hello clivealive. No, it was about the ethical code of counduct and guidelines that doctors and nurses have to follow, in a case where B12 had been stopped! Have a read...see what you think.

  • Well Foggyme I'm still "ignorantly blissful" of what it was all about but if ever I say something stupid please do, "everyone on here" put me right. I'm still not too old to learn

  • Ignorantly blissful is the most perfect state Clivealive! At least you didn't have to 'loose it', like many who read the post! And nothing wrong with stupid...I'm that most of the time (Foggyme!). Cheers

  • Actually the post was the one Clive was referring to but the reply was about medical ethics

  • Hello Gambit. Oh dear. It seems my attempt at a 'jokey' response to @clivealive may have been poorly expressed. If that's so, and I gave offence, I apologise wholeheartedly. I hold the people here in high esteem, especially clivealive, whose profile I have read with great interest, and whose responses to my postings I greatly appreciate. Apologies, once again.

  • No offence at all just that I don't think Clive (understood the reply)

  • Phew. That's a relief. Thanks Gambit x

  • I know the post to which you are referring and if memory serves (irony) it's not the first such remark from that quarter. Such people are best ignored because they are often looking to start a fight. That said I thought everyone who chipped in did so very diplomatically - I just took a deep breath and resisted the temptation to go Yosemete Sam all over the place.

  • Thanks Twench. I think that, being a newbie, I was firstly shocked and secondly (very quickly) angry. After reading of the struggles people here have it struck me as shockingly unkind and exceedingly ill informed, at best. I guess I'll learn to do as you do and just ignore the odd ugly intrusions into this wonderful space. I did resist the temptation to respond further to said person's replies, which, basically, were simply more ill informed nonsense. Shame on them! Thanks for your words.

  • You're welcome. We all have enough battles to fight each day, we don't need skirmishes within the camp as well.

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