Thank god I thought it was just me!

Hi all

I have had a B12 deficiency for about a year. However, until today all of the symptoms I have (Aches, tight chest, anxiety) after about 8 weeks after my booster were unrelated in my mind (mainly due to doctors never joining the dots)

I had my heart checked recently as I feared I was about to have a heart attack - not helped by the anxiety levels creeping up- thankfully not heart problems

One question to the floor - do you find symptoms get worse after alcohol? I am due an injection (yesterday but can't get it done until next week)and after a big weekend I have tingling face, pins and needles in my upper leg, heavy arms and aches across my chest, back and sides

This happen to anyone else?



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  • Hi Chris

    Alcohol did not affect my symptoms either way, either before I was diagnosed/treated or after.

  • I find that alcohol does affect my symptoms - as with most of B12 its a very individual thing.

  • Yes alcohol definitely affects me for the worse. Just before diagnosis, a glass or 2 of wine (absolutely no more than that) would give me a hangover that would last for days.

    Now that I've been si weekly for some time and I feel well I can tolerate that glass, maybe 2, but certainly not more than that.

    As a separate issue, alcohol does also sometimes trigger digestive issues, mainly bloating and feeling very uncomfortable.

    As a result, I do still drink alcohol, but only if it's a special meal out or celebration.

  • Alcohol affects my head symptoms - feels like my head is fizzing on the inside if that makes sense. Also as a potential cause of peripheral neuropathy and a contributor to decreasing levels of B vitamins (can't remember which ones specifically) I gave up alcohol 3 months ago after visiting the neurologist. I find that if i get the alcohol-free beer cold enough I can almost trick the mind into thinking I'm drinking real booze!!

  • Hi,

    I think alcohol consumption effects your body's ability to absorb B12. I know when I was first diagnosed with B12 deficiency two GPs and a hematologist kept asking me if I drank too much alcohol. I was a little bit offended. I rarely have any alcoholic beverages and if it do it's a glass of wine when we go out to dinner. So I guess alcoholism sometimes causes B12 deficiency. I have also read that heartburn medication, birth control pills, and anti anxiety meds block B12 absorption. I think I read that exercise and stress quickly use up your B12 stores. A good reason not to exercise, Ha, ha.

  • Defiantly affects me , half a baby sham and I am good for nothing for the rest of the week have to make do with sniffing the bottle these days :)

  • Prior to getting injections and even after first 6 injections or so, alcohol, even just one drink, made me hung over for an entire day with more brain fog, which was already too foggy.

    Now after 12 injections and 4 months for my body to produce healthier red blood cells, alchol doesnt give me a hang over unless i have more than 3 drinks.

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