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blimey, I thought I would look at videos again as I intend injecting tomorrow... I then heard one say mind the blood vessels as that's dangerous... So I googled blood vessel and it said call 911 our 999... Yikes, what's that about please... And drawing back is that as if you were filling syringe or does that mean pull the needle out a bit after 1st putting it in ... I'm now in terrified mode 😡 x

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  • There aren't any really large blood vessels in the large muscles you would use for an IM injection (check out a bit of steak sometime, full of blood in tiny capillaries, no massive veins). When I had my initial series of loading doses the nurse never once drew back to check it wasn't going IV. Even if it did it wouldn't be harmful. Martyn Hooper has had many IV infusions of B12.

  • Thanks for that x I hate blood and guts and as a veggie I'll give the steak a miss 😊 but I got as far as 911 and stopped reading, but 10 mins after I'd abandoned the video and Google my head was saying I might bleed to death :/... Thanks again 😊

  • Aspiration (drawing back the plunger on the syringe to check for blood) is only necessary when injecting a substance that could be harmful if injected intravenously. It is not necessary for a B12 injection. As fbirder says, there aren't any large blood vessels in the sites normally used for intramuscular injections anyway.

    The injection site might bleed slightly after withdrawing the needle but that is caused by the needle piercing a small vein just under the skin and is nothing to worry about.

  • outer thigh area like the video shows.. Thanks for the help... Will post after I've done it x

  • We are all thinking of you and supporting you. We know you can do it . Best wishes

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