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discomfort under left rib


just wondering if any others get a heavy pressure feeling under l/h/s ribs mid way to front. It started about a year ago mainly while walking on incline, it starts very quickly and leaves me very breathless. However i can walk miles on flat with barely any sign of it. It's now bothering me when i'm sitting and seems to be there most of the time. I know it's not wind or a stitch and am beginning to wonder if it could be a organ, don't really want to see GP as i feel fobbed off most of the time.

I've had a swollen 2cm lymph node in neck, 1st GP said if still there in a week FBC. It's now 6 weeks on and own new GP says FBC not needed, so just can't be bothered to go back as it just gets me stressed and feel like time waster.

I have PA, under active thyroid and take beta blockers. 6 weekly B12 jabs.

Also can neuropathapy signs show years after diagnosis? feet wobbly after rising, burning in bed, dropping things more and lots of wrist/ ankle stiffness. diagnosed 8 years b12 was at 40 on a 240-450 scale.

Thanks everyone.

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I've had pain under right ribs for years. I don't know what it is but it is uncomfortable and makes me feel extra tired! Organ scan showed nothing.


Yeah that's how i feel, completely wiped out even mid jab when i ought to be ok. May just be another of those things we have to get on with. Thank you for replying.


Can you get an appointment with the 1st GP again?

By 'burning in bed' do you mean night sweats? If so, make sure you mention it - it can be an important symptom.


Hi Laura5

No 1st gp retired now, so may ask to swap list to other partner. No night sweats, i mean't soles of feet are hot when i wake. so was wondering if nerve damage, also find it takes a few minutes to walk properly after getting up from bed or chair, feel like feet need to adjust to floor contact they get painful and wobbly, then just tingly.

Thanks for replying.


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