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One of the most troublesome B12 deficiency symptoms for me is joint pain and discomfort-I sometimes have the sensation that my knee needs 'clicking' back into place. Does anybody understand, and can explain to me, the biochemical reason for the joint problem? Can a lack of B12 cause problems with your bones? I am interested to know to improve my understanding and, most importantly, I'm wondering if there is anything I can do, or take, to aid my body in any way, B12 aside, to recover.

Thank you!

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  • Cant give you an explanation but with me its my neck, it makes an awfully loud click, people near me can also hear it. Sometimes it would also be quite painful afterwards, like putting something out of joint. It must have some connection to b12 as before i got my loading it was doing it loads but since, it has become a once in a while thing and goes on topup.

    I have heard mention of arthritis and rheumatism being part of b12d.

  • Hope my knees get better soon! 24 injections and counting...

  • Low B12 has been linked to regulating bone production - low folate has also been linked to osteoarthritis

    However, it might not be bone tissue that is involved it could be other things like cartilege, tendons or ligaments.

    To be honest the body is so complex and B12 is used in so many processes that there are probably a dozen ways in which it could be affecting bones, cartilege, tendons and ligaments etc to be causing the symptoms you describe

    I had clicking in my jaws - at one point I assumed it was because I had extra teeth up in the jaw but having them removed made no effect ... but to be honest I haven't had problems since started using B12 and got my levels under control - would occasionally have the jaw stick in a position where I couldn't open it or where it would be really sore to use.

  • Useful link, thanks!

    Confirms something for me.

  • Thank you for the link. It's strange how some days it is there, and others hardly at all. On day 24 of injections so hopefully I'll start seeing improvements in this area soon.

    I've just ordered a little cocktail of magnesium, boron and malic acid to help with pain and any inflammation.

  • I can't explain the reasons but one of my indicators of how well balanced my levels of B12 and cofactors are is how OK - or not - my joints are. Potassium and magnesium make a big difference on their own as well as being needed to metabolise the B12. If all is good I can run a few strides and cycle, etc: if not I can't.

    I must go now but for more information you could look up my profile and see my post "My Experiences".

  • Thank you for replying. I'm still in the initial healing/loading period of B12 so it's likely it hasn't had enough time to work on my knees and elbow yet.

    I have a magnesium oil which I think is helping. I'm drinking coconut water like there's no tomorrow and I've just ordered magnesium, boron and malic acid. Hopefully they'll help B12 and sooth my legs. I feel like I'm 35 going on 90...

  • I often have to 'click' my right knee. It feels like it isn't quite in the knee but to the side of it, but it makes a really loud clunking noise! Thought it was just me!

  • Christ, I've never thought to 'click' it back in! I feel faint at the thought. Sometimes my knees are just painful, sometimes my left leg just feels painful and peculiar.

    Yesterday my elbow hurt- like the aftermath of hitting your 'funny bone'-very uncomfortable.

  • One biochemical reason for joint problems is low levels of SAMe which can be caused by b12 deficiency. SAMe is one of our busiest methyl donors and involved in joint maintenance.

    This is a good two part overview of SAMe

    SAMe is available as a supplement in the UK as well as being a prescription drug in some other countries

    Low folate and MTHFR polymorphisms will lower SAMe levels too.

  • I suffer with joint pain, particularly in my left side. However I also have one leg longer than the other and I need to practice Pilates regularly to keep my core muscles stronger and postural health in good order. When I became unwell with B12D my regime was one of the first things to go. I suspect the fact that I cannot always feel my feet properly is causing me to walk differently, which combined with the lack of training, is causing the pain.

  • I too have this and the some days the pain is that bad it can wake me up during the night, I'm not sure if it's due to b12 or not because the higher my level goes the more pain I'm getting (only reason i can think off is that my nerves are healing hence feeling the pain)

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