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Joint pain getting worse

Hi all,

I have just finished loading injections and feel some improvement. The problem I find is that my joint pains are getting worse. I find I am so stiff when I wake in the early hours and again when I need to get up to go to work. I don't want to start a cycle of taking painkillers when I don't have a cause.

The GP I saw a few times since July when the pain started has not even bothered to look at my joints. I have started on a multi vitamin and willing to do anything. I know autoimmune conditions cluster and think the GP will feel I am just a hypochondriac but my bloods for thyroid and and B12 have proven otherwise.

I just want to feel well again and will do anything and try anything.

Thanks for the advice. Xx

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Hi Lizzie69 Sorry to read of your pains and hope they will soon get easier.

I'm not a medically trained person but I do know that it is not uncommon for symptoms to appear to get worse before the get better once the B12 gets to work repairing the damage.

You say you are taking multivitamins - do they include Folate as this is essential to process the B12?

I wish you well


Wow I learn something new every time I get on this's a godsend! I'm so thankful for all the posts. I didn't know the joint pain I was feeling was PA related. I'm 48 but most mornings I feel 68 because of the neuropathy in my feet & joint pain. I just started shots (cyanocobalamin) every other day for Neuro symptoms about 2 weeks ago & my joints started aching even more. Hopefully that means some repair is taking place. Thanks to the great advice on here I did add folate to my supplements last week.I have been self injecting monthly for 20 years but I have to say a shot every other day is harder to endure. I wish there were more economical auto-injectors available. $100 U.S. is a little much!


Hi Lizzie69. Just to say, hope your GP is treating your thyroid problems too?

From what I read here I understand that many GP's are as ill-informed about thyroid treatment as they are about B12 deficiency treatment.

If you post your thyroid results on the healthunlocked thyroid forum, there are very good folks there who will advise about results and appropriate treatments. GP's often get it wrong!

Also - hope your GP has you on the correct B12 regime following your loading doses. If you have a read of the pinned posts to the right of the page when you long on, these contain information about what you should be having (sorry but it's late and I am just about run out, so won't go into these now).

If you need more advice about this or are not sure if you are getting the right treatment, please put up a new post and people will pop along to help you.

And I get the joint pain and stiffness you are most definitely not a hypochondriac. It does get better but individual recover rates vary, so please don't despair 😀

And good advice from clivealive about the folate - good idea to get your GP to check folate and ferritin levels (assume you've had a full blood count). Also worth getting potassium levels checked (can get low when taking B12 - but don't supplement potassium without medical supervision - too much can be dangerous).

And has he tested you for pernicious anaemia (anti-IF and pariatel cell antibodies PCA's)?

And it's late so I really must go 😀

Good luck and take care X


What a coincidence. I woke up today two days after my 6th loading dose with what feels like proper arthritis! My sleeps been interrupted and the pain is all over my joints from fingers to toes. I wasn't expecting this at all! From what I'm reading it gets better?

I've not felt aches like this ever before

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Most people need more potassium and magnesium to go with the extra B12 and these can affect how our muscles and joints feel. This is in addition to a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate and maybe iron.

For more information you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post, "My Experiences".

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I also get joint pain and stiffness ,seems to be worse in the colder months. Sometimes a visit to the Chiropractor helps and I also use Dog Oil from Holland and Barrett (yes it really is called Dog Oil ) about £4 a pot and you massage it into your joints . It has worked to some degree with myself and a number of friends but have had one or two people who said it made no difference, hope you feel better soon I know its rotten feeling unwell all the time but don't give up hope of feeling well Iv just had the best couple of days for 6 years and im making the most of it .Very best wishes

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Thanks for all the replies. I need to book new blood tests to check my thyroid and ferritin. I was waiting to give my increased dose of levo to take effect and see if the B 12 symptoms improved after loading doses. I have never felt such stiffness that even wakes me at times when I turn over in bed.

Once I have had blood tests I will book appt with GP to discuss and take my other half as an extra ear as miss bits of conversation. My thyroid in the past has never caused all the joint pain so my feeling it is PA on top of thyroid and anaemia.

The great thing is the wonderful advice from everyone on these sites and knowing that gives you the strength to move onward and upward. Xx

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My stiffness in the morning and getting up out of chairs or beds healed almost overnight once on 5000iu of vitamin D3. 85% in UK are either low or deficient in vitamin D.


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