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No one believes me

Went work today but broke down I felt confused ,and couldn't remember wat I'd bin asked to do I work on a dementia unit ,even had the b12 book but everyone just thinks i need CBT therapy ,was even sent there today crying on their doorstep they was good but said my b12 wasn't something for my doctor . IV got a emergency appointment on Wednesday .After this I went to my doctor wouldn't look at the book ,even said there no need check bloods again once IV finished the folate to check absorption as b12 fine .my jab has passed my usual three month and said will they giv it me why I'm their and nurse was on too .the nurse said her clinic was due to start and had to wait till friday there a joke don't know wat to believe dr said stop reading things lol Muppet x

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Leigh it sounds like you are in a terrible state and are not being well-supported by your family. Is there a patient advocacy service nearby that could help you? It's awfully difficult to explain yourself when the fog had descended and you feel under pressure so some third party intervention may be the way to go.

Very best wishes and I hope that you get the treatment you clearly need very soon.


Hi! I'm so sorry. You do such amazing work caring for others it's terrible that you aren't getting the right care in return.

Is there any way you can self medicate, including injections? Unless you can get yourself more well you won't be able to fight the NHS and your body will be sustaining other damage you can't see.

For information on how to source supplies you can look up my profile (click on my name) and see my post "My Experiences".

Good luck and please keep in touch.

We've been there and it's horrible but there is a solution. If you need more help please ask again.


Really hope that the shot on Friday gives you a window.

Quite worrying that a dementia unit doesn't seem to know much about B12 or even care about it - but unfortunately not surprising.

Have you contacted that PAS at all?


No I'm gona see CBT therapist tommorow then join PA on Friday wen I can pay the fee IV just spoke to my goddaughter friend who mental health nurse in a blood clinic for prisoners and she Gona ask at work tomorrow about it .IV slept last nite till 7pm tonight and feel dead dizzy and confused xshe said it's obvious my health is the cause ov my anxiety's and shud b investigated IV let u know the outcome tommorow thanks to u and everyone who's helped in here 😇😇😇

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I hope it goes well for you.


all the best


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