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Ear infection??

Good Morning everyone, what a lovely day. Just got back from doctors after making an emergency appointment about my bad ears (as described in recent post a couple of days ago.).

The doc took a look and said my right ear is full of reddy brown liquid and reckons I might of burst my ear drum as the liquid is in the middle ear by my ear drum. She said she can't see as my ear is budged up and has given me antibiotics to clear the infection then they will have a better idea about the damage. But because I've lost my hearing in that ear that is why she thinks it's my ear drum.

She has sent me to see an ear/nose/throat specialist at the hospital.

Also while I was there I got a copy of my blood results which I will post on here when I can work the camera,

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Good news Bentleyboo. Well done. Take heart, the hearing loss might just be because you are all bunged up!

I had a similar problem in both ears several years ago and both ears are now okay, with full hearing (albeit sometimes tinnitus).

When I went to ENT, they advised very important to keep infected ear / ears dry. So, when having a shower/hair wash, their advice was to use cotton wool soaked very well in vasaline petroleum jelly, to seal ear canal.

Roll cotton wool in petroleum jelly until fully coated with the vasaline and place gently in outer ear drum so that the edges 'seal' around the outer ear. Do not push too far down. If it won't go in easily, you have used too much cotton wool so just reduce the size of the 'plug'. When finished, dry outer ear with tissue then remove 'plug'.

Bugs like nothing better than a moist wet environment so keeping as dry as possible will help with the healing process.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


Ah poor you I bet that's painful. Ear problems are horrible and I hope you feel better soon. X

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All the best with getting the ear problem sorted quickly

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