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Summary document - updated

Hi All,

I'm so glad to see that so many people find my summary document helpful. It's spurred me on to make a couple of addition - PA means B12 for life - and - do B12 supplements interfere with the anti-IF antibody test.

If anybody can think of something else, please let me know. Although, I don't want the document to become too large, there's room for some more important bits of info I may have forgotten.

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Good work.

It might be a good idea to add some bullets about more common correlated conditions, particularly hyperhomocystenemia and neuropathy.

When I was diagnosed back in the stone age hyperhomocystenemia was considered a natural consequence of PA, simply because the cysteine-conversion cycle was broken. Had my PCP done either an MCV or an MMA I would have avoided a lot of pain and suffering, but as it was it was the hyperhomocystenemia that was first in line to kill me, and not the neuropathy from the PA.


You are a brick! Thanks very much .

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Perhaps it's me but I can't get the "old" links to open. Any ideas please?

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Nope, it's not just you. I'll try to fix it this morning. I think I have the old version I can put back.



OK. I'd forgotten that my version of Acrobat won't transfer hyperlinks when a PDF is created from Word. The new version is up and should be working OK.

Another Edit:

D'oh! I've just found out that I can just 'Save As..' from Word. What a dingbat!


You are not alone fbirder :)

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Thank you for clear, concise information.


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