Thank you PA!

Just back from my GP. I showed "Summary of B12 documents" to the doctor and he changed my B12 jab period from 3 months to 2 months although  my recent blood test shows a normal B12 level.

Thank you all PA members for your kind and helpful comments. And many thanks to whom that published "Summary of B12 documents".Unfortunately I don't remember their name! 

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  • Me thinks it was fbirder?  Glad for you Fred-green.


  • Thanks Jose651! Yes it was fbirder.

  • So glad you found it useful!

    The next step should be to buy a copy of Martyn Hooper's book, read it, then give it to your GP and ask him to pass it around. The more doctors we can get informed, the better.

  • Many thanks fbirder for sharing that great document.

    I'll buy the book to give it to my GP. Unfortunately I'm too busy at the moment to read it .Hopefully after retirement!

  • Hi, is this document the update for medical professionals or a different one? Trying to do the same with my gp so any other documents will be great. :-)

  • Hi StillSearching. You can find "Summary of B12 documents" via the following link:

    Please try this and hopefully you can convince your doctor.

    All the best!

  • Ah thank you. I think I printed this out from you last week! :-)

  • I've bought a copy with that intention fbirder 

  • Well done I am so pleased it worked for you.I continue to fight!

  • Thank you Chocolate41. Hopefully you can convince your doctor too! 

  • So nice to hear a good outcome and well done you for persevering and promoting awareness.

  • Thank you pugdogs10.  No choice! We need to persist, it's about our health. 

    Well  done this fantastic forum! 

  • Wow, a GP who listened and read the information. Great to hear about your success.

  • Well done! So pleased to hear of a positive result.

  • Thanks MariLiz. This forum is great!

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