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Blood not clotting

Good Morning, just been for my B12 injection. I asked the nurse if I could have the injection earlier and she said I could have it up to a fortnight earlier. 

The problem I'm having now is my blood is taking ages to clot. When I had my injection, ( only a little prick) it was bleeding for ages and wouldn't stop. The nurse had to press for ages and eventually  it stopped. She asked me if this has happened before and I told her that every time I cut myself, it bleeds for ages before stopping. It's just like a major accident.

This has been happening for years but the docs say there's nothing wrong so I've just carried on but lately it got worse. I cut my finger the other day and it kept bleeding, I had to change the plaster quite a few times as it was soaked with blood. My daughters now know what to do. They press with a cotton wool pad until it stops bleeding.

I'm just wondering if this has anything to do with my B12 definicity or something else. I've a doc app. on Friday. 

Yesterday, I fell asleep without knowing it so I'm just glad I had my B12 injection today.

I know this is not a blood disorder forum but I'm just wondering whether anyone else suffers like this and has any advice.

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Whi Bentlyboo. I'm new to this so I don't know why this happens but I just wanted to let you know that I have the same problem.  I had an abnormal clotting test four years ago but the surgery reported it to me as normal, so I'm now having to 'back-track' to see if this is still relevant and/or connected to B12 deficiency / PA.  if I find out any information, I'll post to let you know.

Good luck with the doctor.


Hi foggyme. You can get a B12 booster spray from holland and barrett for £12 and you just spray it daily under your tongue and it releases into your blood stream. I used it twice a day at the start. Anyone can use it as we don't store much B12 in our system you can't overdose on it.🐇

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Many thanks. I'll give it a try 


didn't notice it getting worse with the B12 shots but certainly did have problems for years before I got my B12 levels under control.

I may not have noticed it when I started having shots because I'd just had an operation, was totally oblivious to what B12 did and meant, and was on an anticoagulant.  I do remember that the injection sites for the anti-coag just wouldn't stop bleeding - had a test and was told there wasn't any problem but then I stopped taking the anti-coag because it was freaking me out ... so may be it wasn't the anti-coagulant that was causing the problem .... 


I used to bruise more before B12 but bleeding was normal. I just get a pinprick bleed if anything with my jab.

I would check with GP.


Low B12 can cause bruising and also low platelet count. Platelets are the small cell fragments in blood that help with the clotting  process so low numbers lead to easy bruising and poor clotting so yes it is connected to low B12. My sisters first symptoms apart from fatigue was a horribly bruised foot that seemed to occur for no reason.  

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Hi Hoxo, thank you for your reply. I didn't think about it that way. It was after the bout of pneumonia back in 2011 that my health went down hill. I started bleeding heavily when I cut myself, I just put up with it. Then after a couple of years, I started getting unexplained bruising but my doc won't do anything saying I must be banging into things.

On Friday I'm seeing a different doc, this one is a woman and I've seem her before. It was her who diagnosed  My Emphsema a couple of years ago.

Fingers crossed, something will get done as I can't carry on like this, bleeding heavy when I cut myself and bruising. 


Actually walking in to things can also be a sign of a B12 deficiency - possibly down to proprioception - loss of awareness of where bits of your body are - due to neuropathy


Bentleyboo this is a blood disorder forum. B12 deficiency means that the red blood cells don't work/form properly. I am using b12 spray and b12 nuggets under the tongue daily and feel like a new woman. I hope you feel better really soon.🐧


Hello Bentleyboo!

I'm not sure if this post is being looked at much anymore or if you are still looking for any answers, however...

I wanted to mention gene mutations commonly referred to as 'MTHFR' that affects the way our bodies process b12, and also can cause anemia (which can cause clotting issues). 30-50% of the human population have at least one of these MTHFR mutations, also called methylation mutations. 'Methylation' is the process of adding a methyl group (a specific cluster of atoms) to a molecule.

What does methylation (and a pair of genes disrupting it) have to do with b12 use? Our bodies can't actually use b12 until we add a methyl group!

Now, I'm not a doctor and I'm not saying you definitely have a MTHFR gene defect, but I do (I have one mutation on each of the two genes) and I also have issues with keeping my iron levels high enough. It sounds like a lot of people on this forum have these two issues in tandem, and considering its prevalence I think MTHFR might be something worth looking into for certain individuals - especially if normal b12 treatment is not working as well as it should.

As many have already mentioned, anemia can also be a direct side-effect of the b12 deficiency itself - I think it's called pernicious anemia? Anyways, good luck with your health... I hope you've gotten along well in the last year!


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