Is this B12, Thyroid, or none of the above?

Hi guys, can you please give me some more of your advice, from Tuesday this week I have been very stiff with aching muscles and joints on waking, I have been using an anti inflammatory every day to help with that, by late morning I start to feel very fatigued, lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseous with pains in my tummy like I am really hungry, my mouth is dry and I keep hiccupping. A few times this week I've felt like I was going to throw up! By late afternoon the fatigue is so bad I can hardly keep my eyes open my words were getting jumbled and I get clumsy, I worked Tuesday and yesterday and those days were worse for me....... I have also been very breathless if I exert myself, very worrying. On Sunday I changed my sublingual  to a higher strength different brand might this be the problem? I'm only 2 weeks into my b12 injection and I'm very worried about the onset of these new symptoms....... Thank you 

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  • I'm afraid there is only one way of knowing if it was the change in sublingual which is to go back to the old one and see if that changes things.

    Unfortunately the symptoms you describe can't be specifically labelled as B12 because of the degree of overlap with other possibilities - including the other conditions you mention.

  • Ok I can do that will give it a try.... Good grief I'm so sick of this, I'm scared as last night I didn't feel safe driving home I was so exhausted my eyes wouldn't focus! I just hate feeling feeble, don't know if that make sense, l have always been strong and active, will take on everything the muscle weakness is so frustrating for me, big dose of feeling sorry for myself today me thinks. Thanks gambit 

  • B12 is a very difficult thing to deal with - that's not just the treatment its also the 'cure' as there are a lot of variants in response that can hit people and the fact that anxiety is a symptom really doesn't help with things.

    It often is a question of try and see - but make sure that you are also getting enough folate as well - as you may have used up folate supplies.

  • I'm taking 5mg folic acid been on that for 10 years, ferrous femarate 322mg twice daily, Vit K2 was taking Vit D3 but stopped that yesterday as I work outdoors and the sun has been out..... But I have never experienced this level of fatigue before, it seems to be getting to me.....

  • Hi gambit.... Your advice seems to be working no fatigue yet and I've been working hard in my work garden today, I suppose it should have been obvious to me, no one understands the fatigue they think you've had a busy day and are "tired" when in fact tired doesn't even scratch the surface.... Any ideas why one meth sub works great and yet the other one made me worse I don't understand all this... But such a big thank you for pointing out what should have been the obvious ......

  • Don't know that its necessarily obvious - and glad that it seems to have worked - just comes from being aware that a lot of B12 is try it and see.

    It may be that the quality of the methyl isn't food and it's mainly hydroxo because it hasn't been stored properly or got exposed to heat during transit.  Only other thing you could try is comparing the exact list of ingredients to find out what else might be in it ... or what is missing.

    Don't know if you noticed any difference in the way they dissolve under the tongue.  Might make difference between it passing through membranes in the mouth and passing into the gut.

  • My original one takes much longer to disappear I put them in my cheek as under my younger I tend to eat them like a sweet....... But I did 7 hours of gardening at work today and no fatigue.... The newer higher dose ones I thought would be better with just one a day instead of 2-4 of the other ones, what my GP knows about this I could write on a postage stamp,  it's easy to see how people get diagnosed with ME and FM as not only was I completely fatigued but everything hurt and I sounded like an imbecile.....  

  • People will vary a lot and the other tablets will probably be really good for some but does sound as if you would be better off sticking with the new.

    Its also true that higher dose less often isn't necessarily the way to go as the rate at which B12 is removed by the kidneys and passed into urine is a lot higher if the levels are higher

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