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Hit a brick wall

Good morning everyone, dark clouds above and its cold and wet. My back is really bad today as I really suffer when it's cold and damp.

My problem is that I've hit a brick wall or should I say a steel wall and have no energy and feeling very tired. My B12 injection is a week on Monday and it can't come sooner. I've never felt this way for a long time, just walking is an effect. My Emphysema seems to have got worse so I'm going to phone the doc on Tuesday and see if I can have a breathing test done.

On a positive note, my walk in shower is finished and its heaven, not having the problem of falling out the bath (old shower was above bath) when trying to have a shower.

I hope this (no energy) feeling doesn't last, it horrible. It started yesterday as I fell asleep during the day, haven't done that for over a year. Anyhow, it's raining now.😢

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Afternoon napping is the norm for me especially if i dont supplement myself which at the moment im not because i am going to do a private blood test on tuesday.

With regard to the weather it has been a lovely sunny morning but now clouding over- got to decide if i have enough ummmph to cut the grass lol.

Despite feeling tired i need to try to keep busy to take my mind off the fact that the cats protection called and asked for me to take my stray into them. So amid much crying on his side and sadness on mine i trundled him to my local homing centre. Where i was told he was younger than the vet had said and he had in fact not had his bits chopped off- i did wonder when i had had a look at him as he was destinctly lumpy! My only consolation is i tried my hardest to find his owner and that cats pro have a good turnaround of at least 70 cats rehomed per month.


Hi Lisahelen, thanks for your reply. Was that the stray tabby cat, that you found??  

I've a tabby Tom cat called Rudi and other cats, I love them a lot and wouldn't be without them. They know when you are upset or not well. They keep me going through my darkest days and also keep me going generally.  

Years ago we found a black and white cat , we did what you did. We found the owner but she didn't want her so we kept her. Her name was Daisy and within a couple of days she gave birth to 3 kittens. We had no idea that she was pregnant as she was very skinny. 

Have you ever thought about getting a cat ??Gan 


Have always had cats, even as a child. My mum got one from a cat sanctuary once which had been very badly abused. The woman didnt want my mum to have this cat because of me. My mum was adament! She was a beautiful silver tabby we called her mimi and we got on fine once we found each others boundaries.

At the moment i have two old ginger boys and i always promised never to bring another in whilst they were still with me as they are soooo even talks. I only took the stray away because one of mine was spraying everywhere. Makes sense now i know the stray hadnt been chopped! 

I felt really bad about it as ive in the past taken in peoples unwanteds. Have gone to collect a chosen kitten and a few days later been asked if i would take a brother or sister as the person who originally wanted it changed their mind. Thats how i got the two i have now. 

One cat i had had only lived inside a flat - what fun that was teaching him what outside was. He got stuck up a five foot tree!

Like you i dont think i could be without a cat for very long, all they really want is a full belly, a bit of love and a warm place to sleep- not so different from us really.


Don't feel bad, the 2 gingers you have are your babies and come 1st.

We ended up keeping 'little mo' , our 6 month old ginger, black with bits of white little kitten as boxing day she had emergency surgery  on her jaw and the people who had her, didn't want her. 

It's my cats, dogs and my daughters that keep me going. Today has really been bad so little mo has been purring away on my knee and it brighten  My day up.


have you tried to get your b12 injection sooner,  why should you suffer until a week on Monday????


I've tried but they won't do it. 

Doing it myself is a no no as me and needles don't mix. It takes a lot for me just to let the nurse do it. 


Have you tried any other ways of taking b12 onboard?


Yes, I've tried tablets but it's remembering to take them as my memory is bad. Also it's the cost of them. Someone mentioned patches but do they work and where do you get them.


You can get patches from or via Amazon.

Whether they work out less expensive than tablets is doubtful.


Im one of the people who use patches. I buy them via amazon about £15for 6  inc delivery so quite expensive but only need to use them once or twice a week at most. Company called viepatch. I use multi b' s 5000 if you do choose these watch for the multibuy option i think it actually works out more expensive.


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