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hello i am thinking i have something like Anemia because i have been really weak where i can't do anything now. feeling like this for a month. the weeks before had some energy and now none where the last 3 days i am in the bed and its hard to even stand for a shower. light headed....dizzy .....headache. feet and hands cold sometimes. my legs feel like they are going to give up on me sometimes. sleeping 10-11 hours a night lately. and still feel like this. when i wake up a little blood in the nose but no nose bleed and a little blood(a small line in 10% of stools movements) in the stool but not much at all like a spot. also tight sore chest sometimes but heart rate stays between 70-115. lower back area hurts but i am guessing it is from being in bed too much. also lost about 8 pounds in the last 1-2 months down to 137 and i am 6'1. what is going on? also veins very noticeable blue/green looking all around my body but i am guessing that is cause i am skinny right? also lost my job and have no insurance at the moment so anything at this point would help. also forgot just started to take 1 pill of iron and 1000 mg of b-12 per day for the last 2 days and no help yet. also wondering how long these pills take to work where i will be feeling better if it is anemia? thank you for reading

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  • When you have any unexplained blood i would suggest you do try to see a dr at least to rule out minor problems.

    The symptoms you describe could be dehydration, piles, or even gluten, just for starters. there are so many options. As you have lost your job, even depression could be a factor.

    second guessing what could be wrong wont necessarily help in the long run.

  • All I have been drinking the last week is oj and water. depressed a bit but been way more depressed in my time and I have never felt like this.

  • Hello Mikep3000. I'm sorry your having such a rough time at the moment.

    From what you say, it's possible that your symptoms could have a number of causes (as Lisahelen says).

    Bleeding fresh blood (even in small amounts) should always be investigated by a doctor as there's no way of knowing the cause without investigation and tests.

    If you do indeed have PA or vitamin B12 deficiency, then taking B12 oral tablets (that dissolve in the stomach) may not work, since absorption via the stomach and intestines may be problematic. Also, once you have supplemented with B12 it will skew any tests your doctor may wish to perform and you would then struggle to get a correct diagnosis. And thus the correct treatment.

    I 'm also wondering why you think B12 deficiency may be the cause? Do you have a family history of PA / B12 deficiency?

    I really think that whatever is going on needs expert input and would urge you to see a doctor as soon as possible so that you can get the tests and treatment you need to get well.

    I wish you the very best of luck. Please let us know how it goes.

  • I think it cause of my of my symptoms. And im trying to see a doctor. Again kind of tough in my situation as I posted in my story. Why I was asking how longit may take for these pills to work if it is what I think it is? Because the doctor is really tough to do via funds

  • Yes, I do understand what you mean about funds (I take it you're in the USA?).

    However, if you have B12 deficiency or PA, in all likelihood, tablets will not work. You would need to take sublingual lozenges, B12 patches or a nasal spray (they are absorbed directly into the blood stream so if you have an absorption problem, they bypass the stomach).

    However, there are no guarantees that B12 is the problem and the bleeding really should be looked at. There are also many other causes of anaemia that B12 supplements would not address (some have very similar symptoms to B12 deficiency).

    Also - as I said above, if you supplement and then see a doctors, your blood tests will be skewed.

    Not sure how the emergency system works in the USA - are there any free clinics? Or if you went to emergency care with the bleeding, would you still incur charges?

    I'm really so sorry that you're in this situation and sincerely hope that you manage to find a solution and a way back to better health.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Take care.

  • u.s we get charged for anything lol

  • Hi mikep3000,

    I'm in the US also and have health care through healthcare. gov, also known as Obama Care, for which I am grateful. Perhaps you can check it out. If you don't qualify b/c of lack of income, some states have state health care that you can go on. I'm in Oregon and there is free state health care for those who don't qualify for Obama care. What state are you in?

    I really feel for you. It is hard in to get medical care in some states!

    Good luck and keep us posted.


  • Please ignore the typo!

  • N.carolina

  • Hi mikep3000

    Thanks for your reply. N. Carolina is a beautiful place. I'm sure you have researched health care options. I like to research stuff so I was going to do some to see if there is any help out there for you. It might have to wait a bit as my molar cracked in two night before last!

    Dealing with that but I will see what I can find out and get back to you.

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