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The test results came back that my new Internal Medicine doctor ordered.  My feritin level was 12.7 ng/ml and my B-12 was 315 pg/ml.  He told me to start getting my B-12 shots twice a month instead of once a month and to take an additional ferrous gluc. pill(in addition to the one tablet I have been taking for most of a year with no real improvement!).  I emailed him back asking about infusions because I didn't see how taking two of the pills was going to do very much when one pill did nothing much for me over the last year.  I have been so tired for so long and it feels as if the longer I am anemic the worse I am feeling!  So...he ordered a series of 3 iron infusions and I get my first one tomorrow!!  I was so happy I started crying when I got the voice mail about the infusions!!  I still have the endoscopy to get through but I am hoping that if the infusions work and I start feeling better that the endoscopy won't seem like such a difficult thing.  My MMA and the rest of my blood tests were okay except my  MCH and MCHC were low.  I am not sure if that means anything because I don't understand what they are but the Dr. didn't seem too concerned about those numbers being low.  My Absolute Basophils were at 0.0 and I don't have any idea if that is good or bad!!  I wish these tests were in English (or American!) so I could understand them!  I am relieved that at least the PA and the additional anemia caused by low feritin are going to be dealt with!  Thanks for listening and all the great advice!

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  • Get well soon. I had an endoscopy and it was fine. Have any sedation and numbing drugs they offer! I had a colonoscopy at the same time which was more uncomfortable, but worth it to rule out anything bad x

  • So pleased for you

  • Good for you @Chrisv

  • Let us know how you feel after the infusion :)

  • I have had two of the three infusions so far.  They aren't what I expected.  I thought I would be sitting for hours getting an IV but this was basically just a large shot but they give them to you in a vein like an IV would be done.  It only takes about 10-15 minutes start to finish!  I am not expected to feel better for around a month but I can already feel just a spark of energy sometimes so I think it is working!  It could just be psychological but it is helping me believe that it will be possible to feel better in the future after having this anemia for over a year!!  Thanks for asking!!

  • MCH is Mean Cell Hemoglobin and MCHC is Mean Cell Hemoglobin Concentration. Hemoglobin is (according to google) "a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood of vertebrates. Its molecule comprises four subunits, each containing an iron atom bound to a heme group."

    You already know you are iron deficient and low hemoglobin is the result of that deficiency. Hopefully the iron infusions will fix that right up.

    Basophils are a type of white blood cells. Your body produces various white blood cell as needed. 0 is a perfectly normal result for basophils.

  • Thank you for explaining all that!

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