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Hi everyone, I was supplementing 6000iu B12 sublingually, but within two weeks of starting my skin broke out in acne and although my bloods are showing 1411 (300-835) and I've now reduced my intake to 2000iu per day, the acne is still with me so I'm wondering if there's another way of taking it that won't upset my skin. My oily problem skin has never needed much of an excuse to break out but at 57 I was hoping those days were behind me! Any suggestions very gratefully received.

Many Thanks!

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From what I've read the problem with the acne isn't actually you so much as bacteria living on the skin that react to the B12 by producing a toxin.

I'm not an acne specialist but it might be that you need to think about some sort of acne treatment - don't know if any have actually come out of the studies yet



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