A lighthearted interlude: Brain fog examples

Hi All,

I thought we could all do with a bit of light relief, and that some humorous examples of 'Brain Fog' might provoke a knowing smile or two.

So, what burst of dizziness has made you smile? I'll start -

A while ago I was cooking dinner and placed the food into the oven. I set the timer for 20 minutes - and put the timer in the oven! Luckily I soon noticed.

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  • In preparation for a dinner party, I set the table reversing the cutlery courses... my poor guest did not comment until mains left her with the incorrect knife.... this only happened three days ago and I am still mortified. I have NEVER done this before.

    Before I had managed the correct dosage I closed the back door onto my head; closed the car door onto my foot. It was all so painful. I can laugh about it now.

  • Sometimes it's not what you do it's what you say. Yesterday at my daughters for Mothering Sunday we were looking for a film or documentary to watch and The Worlds Fattest Man came up and I don't know why I said it but the words "What's that about ? " came out. Hmmm.Yes Mum !!!🤔

  • With me its getting words mucking fuddled! Lol

    Oh and does anyone know the real word for shoe pads?

    Thats it---- insoles! Lol

  • My funniest - I volunteered to show my GP symptom, loss of balance test with eyes shut.

    Shut my eyes and fell back in the chair with a huge ' fart-like ' sound and all I could say was Wow!

  • Probably not brain fog so much as stress at work but a couple of weeks ago I picked up my mother to take her to her church before I headed off to a meeting elsewhere. I was well on my way in the wrong direction when a voice piped up next to me 'did you forget to take me to church?' Fortunately I was early for once so turning round wasn't a problem ... and joked about having taken her by the scenic route.

    My favourite from my brother was not being able to remember the word fins so he referred to 'fish-feathers'

  • I sent my in laws a Christmas card for their anniversary in march last year

  • Justgot a. Good giggle from that.. Much needed!

  • I once sent a Condolence card instead of a Get Well one! Whoops! Fortunately my aunt survived and never mentioned the pessimistic card.

  • Oh no! :-D

  • More giggles!

  • Brain fog messes up with my words a lot of the time, If I can't remeber the name for something and it can be starring me in the face Im like the thing you use the thing thing. God Im studying for law degree soon slightly worried as you need to remember a lot of stuff eeeekkk

  • I've had same issues a number of times even forgot the name of my dog. Horrable and the only.way to get through it is ride it out. I tend to put relaxing musoc on to see if it helps and it does a little. Ride the storm

  • I keep trying to buy "Thunderbird" lottery tickets.

    One of the cats has Thyroid and is on tablets daily. I am on alot of medication myself, just having taken mine I opened her pills, got one out and promptly took myself.

    The cats seem to suffer the most with my moments, my own has often in the past had baked beans put in his dish when I was still buying tins not pouches. Luckily he loves the sauce, licks it off nibbling at the odd bean and has his real dinner for pud.

    I put things in the freezer or fridge that should be in the cupboard. Fill the kettle to make a hot water bottle but don't boil the water and make nice cold bottles to put in the bed and can't figure out when I go to put them in how cold they are.

    I too have awfull trouble with getting perfectly everyday words, lose track in conversation as to what I am trying to say. I am very well read, and always had a really good English Language skill when writing, now though it takes ages to write letters and as for filling in forms I need a dictionary to find a word I think is like the one I am trying to remember, look that up and hope my word is amongst the definitions.

    My GP thinks PA is some sort of Fairy Story, one of my Consultants though ordered a brain scan for me. Dementia runs in my family so my memory, falls etc., were so similar to my late Father's I have been very worried I had early onset. The brain scan came back ok, but my GP still will not listen when I say I want to see a Neurosurgeon as PA has memory problems, very real problems of its' own in dementia form. Goldilocks may as well have sat there trying to tell him about Bears, or Cinderalla unable to explain why only wearing one shoe.

    Why can there not be a petition for sufferers to the Government, to make official that PA is recognised for a genuine, recognised serious illness? I know of Change.org but not sure, frankly am scared I would muck it up, how to see this through. I bet the numbers would be huge. I wonder if there is an actual "known number" of sufferers, in the same way as there seem to be quoted figures for any other major illness with many complications. Laughter is always the best medicine, people ask me why I am always so cheerfull, but it is a public face, although I can laugh at a paper bag these days and find things I do hilarious at times. I am trying to say if not the Governement for one of those petitions where with enough numbers they have to debate in Parliament, then "????" cannot remember the word, the Health Body that oversees. Not NHS. Like OFGEM? If anyone can remember , I mean a Government type department for overseeing problems within Health, not NICE who I think are for saying if a new drug can be given. If someone understands what I am rambling about perhaps they can jog my small brain? I thought someone had tried to do this some years ago for official recognition, but there are so many of us now surely a collective go at it could bring results if nothing else much more public.

    Keep smiling, hugs to all PA friends, we will get there one day.

  • The main role of NICE is promote best practice and clinical excellence. A lot of this is done by doing 'literature searches' to identify what studies say and then summarising that and presenting the outcome as best practice. Sounds okay on one level but is totally reactive on another - so dependent on what people are doing research on. It also gives very little actual detail of the studies so the results can be quite distorted ... but then we all know that.

  • I.m not sure what you mean , but I'm with you. We need something done.

  • One day, half way through a waitressing shift in a skirt at a local pub, I suddenly realised that I'd forgotten to collect my underwear from the airer on my way out, as I had planned.... :$

    What is it with the fridge? So many bizarre things end up in there that I generally look there first if I've lost something - keys, hairbrush, makeup, pens, cutlery, soap, etc!

    I have so often arrived at places in either my farming boots or my slippers that I try to keep a spare pair of smart boots in my car! You get funny looks for being in the supermarket in your socks while I know my smelly wellies aren't going to get stollen from outside the door!

    One day a neighbour came round and noticed lots of tracks in the snow. "You've been busy!" he said. "Mmmm", I replied, not wanting to let on that all the tracks were just because I kept going back for more things I should have thought of/remembered in the first place! I now call times of forgetfulness and remembering "foot prints in the snow"!

    Thank you for sharing your funny moments!

  • When getting ready for bed I noticed I'd had my culottes style trousers on back to front and my knickers inside out ALL DAY!!

  • I frequently answer the TV remote control when the phone rings..............or vice versa and try it make a call on it :/ I find my handwriting deteriorates the nearer I get to needing a jab. In my line of work I have to hand write short reports on a daily basis which often includes the words : social worker. My colleagues know when my B12 is low as the handwritten 'social worker' often looks like 'social wanker'!!!

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