Brain like a fog !

Hi all,

I'm new here, I'm a mature student half way through my study course when I started to struggle with recalling stuff I'd learned and generating words for essays. That was over 8 months ago my tutors were helpful but I didn't know I was B12 B9

Deficient until a recent blood result . They called me within a day or so with the result but then said the dr would be in touch. In the meantime I'm pretty yuk.. but the brain fog is the clincher! It's hard to believe that a bit can cause this problem but since the dr seems to think it not urgent I don't know what to feel. I may not have PA so I don't know if I should bother you guys but I wondered if you might have some advice.


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  • Yes you do need to bother. Post a print of your blood results on here. If you do not have them you are entitled to get prints. Untreated B12 deficiency, which is not necessarily PA, can cause long lasting problems. Have a look at the PAS symptom list too. Sounds as if you may need some information to take to the GP with you. The 'experts' will be along I'm sure.

  • Hi beginner 1 .. thanks for your reply. I don't have a copy yet as I was called before all the blood tests have been completed there was rather a long list. Thyroid which my late mother had (hyper) was tested for as well as blood count etc and liver function but I don't know about these yet. I will try to get a copy when it comes in. Apparently they told me the iron is low also but that was no surprise because it's been on the low side before and I've taken supplements prescribed by dr. My main concern was the neuro symptoms that have been progressing for quite a few months. Thank you for the PA symptoms list .. I'm sure it will be very helpful. I guess I just got to be patient not my strongest point when it comes to health ! Any advice at this stage is very welcome.

  • Neurological symptoms need to be treated quickly as they can become permanent if not.

    Someone on here will give you a list of info to read, the BMJ NICE etc, before you see your GP and you may need to enlighten him/her too.

  • Thanks beginner 1 .. it's just nice to know your not alone in this even though we all wish each other great health.

    Yes I am concerned about the length of time that I inadvertently ignored the symptoms because I'd been so busy. When I started to slow up I couldn't ignore it. However getting them to diagnose the cause is requiring a lot of effort as in the past I have been fobbed off at the dr. Probably why eventually you just try getting on with it until you can't ignore it.

    Just hope my gp has some solution!

    Thanks for your advice it really helps

  • To be going on with, until you get your test results, have a look at the PAS symptoms list on the PAS Society website and see how many apply to you. Perhaps print it and tick your symptoms, it will, hopefully be helpful when you see your GP.

  • Hi beginner 1 thanks again for your reply it turns out that I don't have PA so sorry I bothered you guys. However I have been prescribed both iron and folate supplements but they say Im not anemic! When I mentioned the neuro systems affecting study the dr said well low iron can affect concentration but surely if it can affect connection your probably anemic right? So I have to stuff for several months now and then wait to see if symptoms fade. It's all a bit of a conundrum and I'm concerned my brain fog might not improve without proper treatment before I restart study again ! However it was good to get some advice


  • You don't have to have PA to be B12 deficient. And being an untreated B12 deficient with neurological symptoms can have very nasty effects.

    If I was you, and know what I know now, I would get a print of those tests and put them on here.

    Some GP's don't have the sense they were born with.

  • Hi beginner 1.. great advice when I pick up prescriptions I'll get a copy .

    Thanks again !

  • Hi beginner 1 posted my results on forum any ideas ? Sorry to bother you guys ?

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